Miss my baptist Church

Hi I’m just gonna ramble here and hope for some reassurance at the end !
So I have been attending mass for ages now and plan to do RCIA in the fall but I some times go to my baptist chuch aswell dice I havnt formally left yet . at my old church it’s smaller congregation , more activities to help out with, at least one young person about my age, im 16 nearly 17 and great young ish Sunday school teacher who helped my loads to kick start my faith and they more young people from toddlers to 13-15 year olds and the old bids but everyone is really nice and helpful with my faith.

so I went through dry patches at the church becuase I stayed in the sermon but he was waffling on for 40 mins and still does so I don’t get anythig from the sermon the only but I got was the children’s talk lol but hes great as a person but then I went out with another young person and Sunday school teacher for teens and I really enjoy it , it’s only basic stuff about Jesus love etc so it wasn’t about doctrine or anything , anyway so then I began to enjoy it again and stayed but then I got into Catholicism ( won’t go into the whole story it’s long )

now here I am but the thing is I miss them so much becuase I get everything spiritually from the catholic church and not the baptist but the social side in the baptist church and kind of spiritually if you count Sunday school but I don’t remember much but at the catholic church becuase its so big there are only a few regulars after mass coffee and there nice but it’s not the same and father doesn’t stay to chat like at my old Church and there’s no young people there , I know in another doicese it’s better they have a smaller church and the diosece has youth mass and your events and more young people but I can’t get there on a Sunday I will have to wait a few years untill I can drive , go to uni or move house ( might be moving in a few years ) so I guess I’m feeling a bit lonely at my catholic parish and there are no others thst i can go to and fell bad for the baptist church and miss it in some respects so yeah that’s how I’m feeling right now ! Anyway sorry for ranting and if anyone reads this thanks for taking the time - chuck

I’m an 18 year old who is in the process of converting, so I kind of know how your feeling. Does yout Church offer a youth group on the week days; if so that could help you get connected with other teenagers, who might just go to another Mass. Also, starting RCIA might help. I just started it at my Parish and while I’m the youngest person there, it’s very helpful in getting connected with your community. Even if you are the youngest your conversion will give you something in common with every one else. This should help with the social side.

I hope this post helpped.

Just a thought


:shrug: If you feel like the social aspect is missing, start a group.

Best of luck!

It’s tough for you right now. I wish you could drive, so you could get to the other diocese. I assume that you are in an area with the population more spread out, not in a large city. That’s just plain hard. I hope that situation will change very soon. At least when you get to university, you should find a Catholic church nearby that will be stuffed with young adults, people your age. I know there is a thriving Catholic community across from the university my older son attends.

I don’t have any answers really, but know that you will be in my prayers. When you start RCIA, things may improve for you.

Some Catholic parishes have vibrant youth groups run by trained ministers. If your parish doesn’t have one, perhaps there is a nearby parish that does.

Speak to your priest and/or youth minister or director. You say your parish is big, so there’s probably something for the young there. It is so good that your struggle is social and not doctrinal or beliefs related. That will keep you going and give you strength. Hang in there! Ask around - there has to be something that you can do that you just have not heard of yet. Perhaps you can find a ride to a place where you feel more at home. Just ask around and sooner or later there will be someone that will be happy to give you a ride since they’re going there anyway. The UK has more Catholics than their own COE, so I guess you will find something soon. And if you have any questions that come up about beliefs, you know that this website has many resources to deal with that and you will always find a good answer here. Blessings to you and let me know how is it going.

Could you maybe bike to the other parish instead? Just an idea i thought i’d throw out there, if it’s not a super-long distance from where you live.

Hi Chuck,
One of the best ways to feel apart of the Catholic parish as well and getting to met others
is step forward and volunteer for one of the many ministries available for you at mass.
Become an usher, lector, Eucharistic minister, alter serving. In doing these things, you will met others, met some of the people that organize these minitries and you will feel more apart of any parish. It is difficult to go from a Baptist church with its many social activities to what seems to be large and distant Catholic churches. but there are many things to volunteer for that are more in the background. Also try other parishes if you can.

Another awesome thing: youth retreats. See if your Catholic church has any. Or see if your diocese has any. I went to an AWESOME youth retreat through my diocese this summer. I met tons of friends who I am still in touch with. Also, worshiping with people my own age really allowed me to see how timeless Catholicism is.

Ask around and find out what your Catholic parish has as far as activities go. :slight_smile: I thought mine had NOTHING but then found out they had retreats, parties, dances, volleyball teams, all sorts of stuff, LOL!!

Hi, Chuch1,

You have identified some very real problems and they are complex. No easy answers - but, as has been identified - here are four simple ones.’

The very first response is to develop a real habit of daily prayer with devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The second response is to do some readings on teenage lives of the saints. Here is a link that may be a good starting place: catholicfire.blogspot.com/2008/06/st-aloysius-gonzaga-patron-saint-of.html

The third response is speak with your pastor.about what you are experiencing. Some items are best worked out face-to-face rather then over a list on the net.

Finally, do not get discuraged. I think you will find both iterest and support on CAF… along with solid knowledge and insights.

God bless

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