Miss USA falls at Miss Universe pageant

Take a look:


My husband and I felt so bad for her. Then we learned that she was booed in the Prelminary rounds and we heard the audience boo when the announcement was made that she was in the Top Five.

So now we’re wondering–was it sabotage?

My husband has studied this video and others on YouTube and he thinks that both feet slipped out from underneath her at the same time. This doesn’t look like a foot caught on a dress.

No, we aren’t the proprietors of the “Moon Voyage Never Happened” Museum.

It just seems strange to us that someone who was booed so often in Mexico fell down.

We were glad that Michelle Kwan was a judge. She’s taken enough falls on her butt in her career that she knows better than to judge someone by a fall rather than by the entire performance.

the booing was very disrespectful

having had to wear heels on a slick surface many times, it doesn’t take much at all to just totally lose it and go plop. I feel bad for her but she held her poise! :thumbsup:

I don’t think it’s sabotage–no one was near her when she slipped, and I don’t think her heels were rigged in any way to make her slip. The boos were unfortunate though–I think it has more to do with Mexicans’ disappointment about America’s immigration laws than anything else.

I think she stepped on the train of her dress which caused her to fall.

The real story is the winner - Japan - really???

Did you see Ms Brazil or Ms Venezuela and those scores?? Now that’s a Ms Universe.

Everytime Ms Japan opened that gown up for flight take off - we both thought about Cruella DeVille in the Disney movies.

Oh well - I guess we just look for different attributes than the judges do. And what about those tawdry photo shoots in swimwear - is that really necessary to preview all the future playboy shots like that??? Those are the real stories.

That would be awful. She did handle it well. I probably would have run off crying! She got back up and finished what she was doing. :thumbsup:

The booing was terrible, just flat terrible and shows where we are right now.

Most of us only had eyes for Ms. Venezuela if you know what I mean. Ms. Japan…we didn’t see it coming!

I thought it had some to do with politics!

I agreed w/ you on those playboy swimwear photo shots.

My money was riding on Miss Venezuela. Miss Japan? I think her shock on winning was genuine - so was mine! :hypno:

Well she had class, even if the audience didn’t.

I think that the President of Venezuela blew it for Miss Venezuela. What rotten timing on his part.

Seriously, my daughter has done a little pageanting. Most of the score is based on the young lady’s community ccomplishments, commitment to charitable volunteer activities, and her INTERVIEWS!

Because these pageant winners make so many personal appearances, the judges must select someone who is articulate and intelligent, and also someone who has a serious platform to promote, and is willing to help support other charitable platforms.

In my daughter’s pageants, the interviews (most of which are conducted days before the pageant) counted for almost 60% of the score. She felt that the training and experience in interviews that she received made the pageants worthwhile. She also had fun with all the other contestants.

In case you’re wondering, she won no place in her first pageant, 1st runner up in another, and 2nd runner up in a third. That’s all she did. It’s a very time-consuming “sport”–and that’s exacctly what it is, a sport. She really enjoyed her pageants and I think if she had time, she would continue in the sport.

In the South it is common to do pageants…I think they are fun…of course parents can over do it just like any thing else…

her *** can come down on my anytime

Miss USA (former Miss Tennessee:thumbsup: ) showed grace under fire and showed the world how strong an American Girl can be no matter what.
The Mexican folks were very disgraceful.

I agree totally. :thumbsup:

I agree, also.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels that the Mexicans and Venezuelans in the audience behaved badly.

Do you suppose their attitudes are the norm in Mexico, or are they the obnoxious exceptions?

If this is the norm, then I hope that Donald Trump closes down any resorts that he has in Mexico, and tells the Mexican government that he will never again allow his pageant to be broadcast from their country.

I’m a U.S. citizen who favors welcoming immigrants to our country. But it kind of irritates me that after all the U.S. has done to help Mexican immigrants, Mexico repays us by booing an innocent beauty pageant consultant.

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