Missal and Liturgy

To start, I’m relatively new to the Catholic faith. I was born Catholic, baptized and received my first communion, however, I was never truly raised Catholic. Eventually, I left the Church during high school, but 2 years ago, I “studied” my way back to Catholicism. In any case, many of the Roman Catholic practices are alien to me.

Roman Missal
Daily Roman Missal
Weekday Roman Missal
Sunday Roman Missal
New Marian Missal
Liturgy of the Hours

All this is very confusing :confused:

Then there’s the 1962 Roman Missal, the current Missal, and I hear there will be a new Roman Missal for Advent 2010

Any help? :confused:

I dont much of the difference between all of them, but I am pretty sure the Roman missal, daily roman missal, weekday roman missal all are the same thing? And the Sunday Roman missal should only contain the Sunday readings found in the Roman missal. I assume that the Marian Missal has prayers to focus on Mary each day.
The dates on the missals change when different things are updated in the Mass.

If you are looking to buy a missal, you may want to subscribe to the Magnificat until the new Roman missal comes out. My mom subscribes to it, and I enjoy it… It is a little pricey though.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, I think I’ll wait for the new Missal :slight_smile:

What are the Liturgy of the Hours? I saw the 4 volume set at a Catholic bookstore downtown.

The official prayer of the Church, which must be prayed by priests and religious, and is voluntarily prayed by many lay people as well. It’s fairly complicated and time consuming, but quite beautiful. You can ease into a similar type of prayer using the Magnificat magazine, which has morning, evening and night prayer in addition to the prayers and readings for Mass every day. Maybe you could buy a single copy at that bookstore and try it out during October and see if you like it.

Definitely don’t spend a lot of money on a missal now - it is guaranteed to be obsolete very soon!


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