Missal of 1962

Do you believe that the last edition of the Missal of Pius V will be the 1962 Missal promligated by Pope John XXIII?

No, I think it’ll be changed or updated eventually - even if only a minor change. I have a hard time believing that 1,000 years from now the 1962 missal will still be in use and completely unchanged.

Changing the TLM, or “modernizing” as some would put it. Is a recipe for schism, particularly if a block of the SSPX were to in the meantime be reconciled with the Church, they would just head back out the door. And those still outside would be more alienated and further vindicated in their position.

In the present climate of the Church, modifications to the 1962 Missal are just not a good idea.

IMHO there needs to be at least a wait of 50-100 years for the current crisis to end, or get significantly better.

In my opinion, tradition will return to the Church eventually. Updates will then be required on the 1962 Missal, such as the latest Saints.

Improvements could be made, such as bringing back the previous Holy Week liturgy, but at the new times, and returning to the priest saying the Gospel sotto-voce during High Mass.

Modernisation would not be required in any way shape or form. Some of the suggestions of Vatican II on the liturgy could be considered, perhaps in a similar fashion to that which Msgr. Gamber outlines in his book ‘The Reform of the Roman Liturgy’. I.e., restore the liturgy… make it more solemn and even more beautiful.

Personally, I think it will be the last, yes, but for different reasons. I believe the recent motu proprio will raise an awareness among Catholics of the Tridentine Latin Mass. While many will probably desire staying with the Novus Ordo, I wouldn’t be surprised, perhaps a long time from now, that the Novus Ordo will slowly but surely attempt to replicate the Tridentine spirituality, until a new Missal comes out to replace the Novus Ordo: improving on it (in some ways returning to Tridentine) but more than likely retaining many characteristics for which the NO is well known: more extensive use of vernacular, an additional first reading, communion under both species, etc. Any future developments are likely to be in the ordinary form. The Roman Missal of 1962 is already regarded as the extraordinary form, and I don’t believe this will change.

Perhaps I’m a little too omtimistic. :slight_smile:

In the Archdiocese of Toronto I haven’t heard an official peep about the return of the Tridentum Mass. ( If the Archbishop has said anything at all I must have missed it).

However, the local priests at two churches have not mentioned it either, and I fear that it is going to be Novus Ordo as usual for ever and a day.:frowning: Time will tell.:confused:

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