Missal of John Paul II

Our new Archbishop mentioned the Roman Missal of 2000, which is awaiting an “approved translation”. It will be known as the Missal of John Paul II. He says this will replace the Missal of Paul VI as the ordinary.

Anyone know what changes to expect ? I had no idea a new missal was on the way.

Its just a new english translation of the 1970 Novus Ordo Missal. Hopefully this translation will be better then the current one (how did “Et cum spirito tuo” ever translate into " And also with you"???)…

Ok, thanks Caesar.

This stuff is hard to keep up with :o

perhaps …
Et cum spirito tuo = “and to your spirit” ?

if i do recall, I heard from a deacon I know who said that the new missal has been approved with corrections from Rome. It very close to the latin (much better then now). but won’t be fully ready till opening prayers etc. are translated --maybe 2010.

…“and with your spirit”. Last I heard that was part of the new translation, along the the triple formula in the Confiteor (mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa = “through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault”)

Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Works better :thumbsup:

THAT long?
I realize that something like this can’t be done over night, but hasn’t this been in the works for sometime now?

Exactly, and this is the ongoing dilemma. I dare say, ‘Lost in Translation’. Hence, we should exhibit Prudence (note: I use prudence in the classical sense, that is, as one of the Cardinal Virtues). Latin should be the standard language (universal) as it was before the confusion that exists today. In this way, one may celebrate the beautiful mass in any corner of the world. I have participated in the Latin Mass (Tridentine) in different countries irrespective of the vernacular for that particular country. No confusion and definitely no ‘Lost in Translation’. The mass is the same everywhere, all the time for that particular day. Most say they cannot understand Latin. As laity myself, with an extremely hectic schedule, I have managed to learn quite a bit of Latin in just a few months (initially just from the utilization of a 1962 or earlier Roman Catholic Missal for ecclesiastical Latin). I am unsure, but I would say the majority of individuals using English as colloquial speech, are unaware that many words they utter are derived from Latin! It is surprising that many priests, who are very educated, are unable to learn just the mass in Latin, and from knowing them on a personal level, I guarantee that there schedule is not as demanding as mine.:frowning:

We were told there will be changes yesterday at Mass. Our priest said that they may be difficult but we would work through them together.

He then went on to say that he respects the changes but wishes that instead of focusing on “words”, they would focus on the vocations of the parishoners.

That was my understanding. Any truth to the idea that it would be known as the Mass of John Paul II? Doesn’t seem right if there were no real changes in the Latin.

Sorry about the typo: correction to post #9

It was released in 2002 actually :wink: And well its the 3rd typical edition of the Missal of Paul VI. Its was Vox Clara is overseeing.

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