Missal Pages at Outdoor Mass

Hello All,
The Latin Mass is being celebrated outdoors due to state restrictions in my state. We live in a seaside region and it can be very windy during the Mass. This past Sunday, both servers at a Low Mass had a small has lighter on them in case one of the candles on the Altar was extinguished. During the Mass, our priest had a lot of trouble reading from the Missal, especially during the Canon when he had to keep his hands ups, because the wind kept turning pages. My question is this: would it be canonically legal or at least permissible for a server to hold the pages of the Missal down during certain parts of the Mass? And if so, which parts?

Why wouldn’t it be? There are no rubrics or canons anywhere that address this. In fact, the rubrics and canons address very little, mostly because common sense can help us figure out what to do a great deal of the time.

There’s nothing preventing a server from holding the pages down. The Church doesn’t legislate on every single little detail.



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