Missal Primer

Can anyone help me and either provide, or point me to, a primer on the Missal and the differences between the different types. For instance, the difference between St. Josephs and Roman? Vatican II Missal? Daily or Sunday? Also, if I attend a Novus Ordo which Missal do I need or does it matter? What about a Tridentine Mass? I am confused by all of the choices and don’t know which Missal I need to follow along at my Mass.


There is a new English translation in the works for the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite, so you might want to wait before you buy an English Missal for the OF.

You can find the Ordinary of the Mass on the USCCB website.

Out of curiosity, do you know when this is to be released?

I’m not expecting the Altar books to be released before 2011.

Personal hand missals, obviously, will be much later.

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