Missal Recommnedation

Sorry, I don’t know if this is in the right forum or not but I am looking for a basic missal to get for a friend of mine who is going to mass and starting RCIA this fall :D. She is having a hard time following along at mass and I wanted to get her something that she can look at at home to get familiar with all the different responses, prayers, and catholic calisthenics. And also to be able to follow along a mass.

Thanks for any recommnedations!

I have the Saint Joseph People’s Prayer Book that includes the order of the mass and feel would be a great gift. Mine was printed in 1980 - sure you could find at a Catholic Bookstore or on-line. Not sure about a missel. The daily readings can be found on-line at various sites.

Don’t get her something expensive (like a true Missal that is meant to last for many years) since the Ordinary of the Mass is going to change substantially in the next year or two. Maybe a subscription to Living With Christ or Magnificat would be best. They’re Missalettes that contain all the Mass as well as the readings for a month at a time. Or the Saint Joseph Missal for 2009.

I would also recommend Magnificat, simply because investing a good chunk of money on a missal that will obsolete within a year and a half is not a good idea. Magnificat also has daily Meditations and a short version of Morning and Evening Prayer, as well as the walk-through for Exposition and Benediction.

Hi Everyone,

Thanks so much for all your replies. I ended up ordering the St. Joseph Missal for now, I think that will be perfect for her to follow along and understand what is going on. I really appreciate the advice on not buying a really expensive missal as it will soon be outdated. I was thinking that was my only option. I am so tempted to get the Magnificat though…it looks wonderful…maybe once I can save up some $ I will invest in a subscription :smiley:

Thanks again!

I have to vote for the New St Joseph Sunday Missal from Catholic Book Publishing Corporation - you can get it on their web site. The isbn is 978-0-89942-633-4. It’s a small, lightweight copy with all the readings and prayers. You need to get a new one every year. It has a nice explanation of the mass in the back. I like it because it fits in my purse. I think mine was under $5.

While you wait for the missal to arrive you can send your friend a link to this page: The Order of Mass, so she can become familiar with the Mass in the meantime. Or you can print this out for her: Basic Texts for the Catholic Mass (pdf). It has almost all the people’s parts during the Mass, except fot the psalm response which changes every week. You can print it out and fold it into a mini-booklet.

What a great idea! Thanks for the links I will definitely print off the “Basic Texts for Catholic Mass” and give that to her until the St. Joseph Missal comes! Thanks for the suggestion :thumbsup:

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