Missal Similarities


Simple question -

Would a missal published in 1966 be roughly the same as one published very recently?

(the answer to this will cause me either to buy - cheaply - such a book or not buy it)

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I still have my *Saint Joseph Sunday Missal * from 1965. It is virtually identical to the current Sunday Missal. Aside from a very few word changes, it is the same.

That being said, when I read the earliest liturgies of the Church from the 1st and 2nd centuries AD, they are also uncannily similar to the current Sunday Missal. (See The Mass of the Early Christians by Mike Aquilina.)

So the similarity of today to 1965 is hardly surprising.
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Thanks for the quick answer. Now to see if I can buy these books - knowing my luck (if catholics can speak of luck) someone will have snapped them up first.




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