Is there a new one every year? I ask this because Baronius Press sells the 1962 Roman Missal. What’s that all about? Is that just pre-Vatican II? Has the same one been used since the 60’s?

I’m plan on getting one.

I would actually invest money and buy a subscription to the Magnificat. It is a monthly magazine that contains all of the prayers, propers and readings for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for a given month. This is for the Ordinary Form of the Mass, known in some circles as the Novus Ordo or the Mass of Paul VI.

Now, Pope Benedict XVI has granted broad-scale use of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the Extraordinary Form, that is to say, the Traditional Latin Mass. But, the EF is set to the 1962 Missal of Pope John XXIII, which is what you have seen out in the marketplace.

There have been several editions to the Traditional Missal. The editions reflect corrections to misprints, and additions of new feasts. The 1962 edition is the last of the Pre Vatican II editions, and the one that was permitted and encouraged by Pope Benedict XVI in his Motu Proprio.

The reason why I would advise against buying a new missal for the OF of the Mass is because the new translations will come out soon (hopefully in a year or two) and dropping $100 on something that will be obsolete will not be a wise investment. That is why I recommend the Magnificat.

The above posters are correct.

In simple terms, the missal gets changed from time to time, but the 1962 version was the last before the major changes instituted after Vatican II. So, you would use the latest version of the missal for an Ordinary Form Mass, but the 1962 missal for an Extraordinary Form Mass.

Now, there is also a new English translation of the Ordinary Form Mass coming out in about a year. It will bring some substantial changes to the responses at Mass (The Mass will physically be identical, it’s just a better and more accurate translation.) However, it’s different enough that I’d wait until it came out before I dropped a lot of money on a nice missal. The recommendations for the Magnificat publication above are what I would go with in the meantime. It’s a great publication!

Here are some resources for you:

If you want a missal for the Extraordinary Form (the 1962 Missal), here are the two best:

The Baronius Press "1962 Daily Missal"
I believe this missal is also available in burgundy and white.

The Angelus Press "1962 Roman Catholic Daily Missal"
(Sometimes people complain that Angelus is a publisher for SSPX materials, but the missal itself is completely sound and there are no restrictions on buying it.)
If you want an actual missal for the Ordinary Form, there are several you can consider:**

The Daily Roman Missal is by far the most elaborate and thorough missal for the Ordinary Form that you can buy. It’s expensive, but contains a treasury of materials, including commentaries, devotional materials, many common prayers, and even the common Latin responses. It’s edited by Rev. James Socias. It’s available in several forms and colors. There are SEVERAL editions, so make sure you get the most recent one. This is the one I would most recommend when the new translation comes out. Here are a few versions I could find:

Black Leather Flexible Cover
Burgundy Leather Flexible Cover
Large Print Burgundy Leather
Large Print Burgundy Hardcover

Also highly recommended is the St. Joesph’s missal. It’s available in several forms as well. Many children fondly remember receiving this missal for First Communions and Confirmations, but it’s a good solid missal.

This three volume set contains the Sunday and two Weekday missals. They are small, and zip shut. (Click on the second picture in the link)

There’s a leatherbound large print Sunday edition:

You can also get them vinyl bound, and get the daily editions separately.

Here is the link to Magnificat, which is a wonderful publication. It is published monthly, and you can subscribe to it. They also have special editions for Easter, Christmas, Lent, and Advent. This is what I would recommend until the new translation comes out. Many people simply like it as their first choice in missal, and I can understand why.**

And last, but not least… here are the links to the portions of the new English translation of the Mass that have been completed, at the USCCB’s website:**



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