Hello all,

I am a new Catholic as of Easter :slight_smile: While I don’t normally attend weekday Mass, I do try to read the daily readings each morning. At the current time, I look up the readings online and then just read from my Bible; however, I’m looking into buying a weekday missal.

I don’t want to put a ridiculous amount of money into it, and I’ve seen some in the $30 range. I am finding both the St. Joseph’s edition and the Vatican II edition. Can someone fill me in on the differences and what my best option may be?

Thanks a bunch.



Get the one with the Mass structure included. Soft-cover, if possible.

Don’t buy one now! There is a new translation of the Roman Missal (Mass prayers) that will be used beginning next year. It will be substantially different from what is currently in the missals you can buy. Next year there will be new editions of missals everywhere. Get one then.

Until then, you can continue to do as you have been, or get one of the many publications that include the daily readings, such as Magnificat.


Next year is a long time. Didn’t you hear? She wants one now.:smiley:

I also read the daily readings each morning when I can not make a weekday mass. For the last year, I have been using The Magnificat which is a monthly publication that contains the daily mass readings along with meditations.

Stay well, and may the Lord bless you and keep you. :harp:

there is another thread here about using handheld devices in church. there are some free resources online for daily missals, if you are open to using a web-enabled cellphone such as an iPhone for mass

I got the Vatican II weekday missal for $24 and the St. Joseph’s Sunday Missal for $17 on Amazon, plus free shipping. Cheaper than the subscription to the magnificat. You can always print out the new changes and insert them whatever missal you’re using now.

I’m with Baltobetsy. Wait until the new translation comes out before you buy a missal. Meanwhile, there’s Magnificat. Check and see if your parish has group subscriptions: that should save you some :twocents:.

Unless you’re going to buy a Missal for the Extraordinary Form of the Mass. Baronius Press has a nice one in print; and though it doesn’t have the propers for every weekday of the year, it does contain a treasury of devotions, including basic prayers, devotions for the Sacraments, an examination of conscience, Vespers for Sundays and holy days, and notation for sung Mass parts.

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