Recently found out that there is one parish in my diocese that offers the Tridentine Mass. I headed there last Sunday, only to find out that the Latin Mass was actually one hour earlier than the time posted on the website but that is a different story. Since it was a thirty mile drive for me, I stayed for the next Mass, but used the time in between Masses to leaf through the Latin Mass booklet, and came to the following conclusion: Unless I want to be playing around with reading glasses all through Mass, I need to get a Latin-English Missal in large type!

I’d prefer relatively inexpensive, as I know I’m going to spend most Sundays at my own parish (no Tridentine Mass there, not yet, anyways!) And I’m going to wait for the dust to settle on the transition to the new translation of the Mass before I buy a new English language Missal. One of the nice things about the current NO pew missal in my church is that I can actually see the print, and don’t have to put my glasses on/take them off to go to communion so I don’t trip over my own two feet, etc. Hate to say that, but it’s just a practical reality for me.

So a couple of questions here:

  1. For other presbyopians (those of us who see a blur of print instead of actual words when we open a book,) is the larger print actually readable, or will I still be fooling with reading glasses? If so, not much point in getting one of my own.
  2. What Latin-English missal do you recommend?

Large print is definitely readable without reading glasses, the only drawback is the size of the book makes lugging several around a chore. I love my Kindle because I can increase or decrease the text size accordingly AND it holds 1,500 books. I was hoping that the new missal will be available in an electronic version. The Magnificat is available for iPods, iPhones, and iPads and any of those are a good option - but that is only in the English version. I would definitely recommend you invest in an eReader and find a good electronic missal so you don’t have to add a hefty chiropractic bill from lugging big, bulky large text books around all the time.

I’m in the age when I need large print even with glasses. However I think that this booklet Missal


is clear enough to read.

This has the propers only for the Trinity Sunday as illustration, but provides easy to follow images for the parts of the mass.

a good English/Latin Missal would be the 1962 Daily Missal by Baronius Press. I recommend this because pretty much all Tridentine Masses (in communion with Rome) use the 1962 Roman Missal. Another reason that I recommend this edition over another 62 Missal is for the fact that Angelus Press Missal is supported by the SSPX and I refuse to buy anything that is govern by the SSPX, because they are not in full communion with Rome. Another Missal I like is the one I have which is the 1945 Fr. Lasance , The New Roman Missal, but then again there were changes since that edition, but I still think it is a beautiful Missal

Fr. Z has a good review:


Someone mentions that she bought her Angelus from St. John Cantius.

@ Jenniferolg—I have a Kindle! Where did you find your e-missal for download?


My suggestion would be to shop for a used Latin/english missal on ebay OR buy one of those paperback red covered missalettes from www.ecclesiadei.org. I think the little red books sell for about $3.95 to $4.95 plus a little shipping.

If you ever start attending the old Mass on a regular basis I’d buy a good missal such as has been already mentioned. I prefer the Angelus Press edition.

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