i scored a “st. marys everday missal and heritage” 1948 edition at the thrift shop today for 50 cents.

will this missal function for an EF mass?

ive heard you HAVE to have a 62, but figured id see if this one would suffice.

It should be OK.

I have a bunch of missals that would give away if anyone needed them. Years from the 30-60’s. SOme are Catholic Manuals with more prayers and the Sunday Masses others are daily missals.

Check your PM Micheal.


You don’t have to have a '62

I have that same missal, although I don’t use it at mass as I prefer to use the Father Lasance ( which is a '45) or the Angelus Press missal which is a '62

There is very little that has changed in the 1962 missal as compared to the early 1900 versions. What little that has changed could be pencil corrected in an older version or an insert added.

God Bless

I have the 1945 Father Lasance missal and a 1962 Baronius one - very little difference. You should do fine.

thanks everyone, so happy to have found this!

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