For those interested, the Southwell Books reprint of the 1962 Missale Romanum is, I can confirm, quite splendid.

It’s meant for clergy who travel and need a full Missal appropriate for the altar but small. So gold-leaf, etc., but small-sized.

It’s an exact reprint of the 1962 Pustet Missal: name of Joseph in the Canon, Prefaces for Advent, Dedications, All Saints, and the Holy Eucharist for those places where it has been conceded (everywhere, in effect, according to the PCED)…and the usual large appendix of “extra” Masses suitable for the whole world.

Hey Alex,

Would this be a good missal to prep for serving–with lots of “do the red, say the black,” instructions? I’m pretty sure I’d like to assist with serving if my parish has a need for adult men.

How 'bout a link?

Thanks, :tiphat:

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