Missals for other Latin Rites?

I was curious, just from a scholarly, referential, and study perspective, if there are any missals in book form for any of the other Latin Rite forms besides the Tridentine and Novus Ordo. (I realize that many of these exist on-line. I’m looking specifically for a published work.)

The rites would include:
* Ambrosian Rite
* Bragan Rite
* Mozarabic Rite

and from the religious order rites:
* Benedictine Rite
* Carmelite Rite (or Rite of the Holy Sepulchre)
* Carthusian Rite
* Cistercian Rite
* Dominican Rite
* Franciscan Rite
* Norbertine Rite (or Premonstratensian Rite)
* Servite Rite

I’m aware of at least one reproduction for the extinct Sarum and Gallician rites already. I’m looking for rites that are still currently practiced.

members.aol.com/liturgialatina/ - This site has the Dominican Ordinary online, unfortunately the Carmelite one that’s supposed to be there is not.

If I recall rightly there may not be a Fransican Rite per se. The difference is in the calender in the classification of feasts.

I know on ebay there is a book about the Ambrosian Rite that’s being sold. Not sure if its the Pre-VC2 one though. But it focuses on the Prefaces.

I know you said published but I wanted to add this link which has quite a few missals- also to specifically draw your attention to the ‘Synopsis Rituum’ which is a Latin comparison of the Ordinaries of 8 Western liturgies.

There is also this link to another site, Orthodox in origin- hieromonk Aidan has many Western rite liturgies up and recently did the Divine Office from the Sarum liturgy. Some of the earlier works are conformed to an Orthodox liturgy (e.g. introduction of an explicit epiclesis) but not the latter ones.

Since we’re adding links, here’s a few interesting ones:

The Mozarabic Rite Missal (In Spanish and Latin)
If you can read Spanish, this is one great site!

Another Mozarabic Rite site

A HUGE collection of missals and other info about other Latin Rites, including the Ambrosian, Sarum, Dominican, Gallician, Mozarabic, Slavonic, and several versions of the Divine Liturgy
EDIT: I see you got this one already. Great site!

This thread on this forum has lots of great links, although it’s a fairly Trad Rad site. Includes pdf’s of many missals dating to the Middle Ages, and other missals that include (but are not limited to) the Carthusian, Mozarabic, Dominican, and Ambrosian rites

Here are some pictures and videos of masses from some of the rarer rites

Neri Publications has reproductions of several medieval missals, including the Missalis Romani Editio Princeps, Mediolani Anno 1474 Prelis Mandata (Study Edition), the Missale Parisiense 1738 (Study Edition), and the Vetus Missale Romanum Monasticum Lateranense 1752 (Study Edition).

You can also find at Amazon.com:
“The Sarum Missal in English”
“The Old Catholic Missal and Ritual”

Are any of those still currently practiced?

I know, for instance, that the Carmelites abandoned their rite for the normative Latin Rite decades ago.

The Mozarabic is. A revised form of the Ambrosian as well.

The traditional Ambrosian rite is offered by traditionalists I think, but ask PaulusRobertus.

I have heard of a traditional Dominican order which uses the Dominican rite and also of one being offered in Rome.

The Premonstratensian/Norbertine Rite is still being practised by the Order.

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