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I have searched all over regarding the best Missal out there, for all Masses. I have been to my local Catholic bookstores. They have a 1962 Missal, and the St. Joseph’s and the Magnificats. I have bought the Magnificats, and I really like them, but I just want something that is current, has prayers, has it all essentially and matches the readings in my church, a Roman Catholic Church. Anyway, I have the Daily Roman Missal. It is one volume - includes weekday and Sunday Masses. Problem is the language is different and the Responsorial Psalms are all wrong - or, at least don’t match my Church. My sons take their ST. Joseph’s (Catholic Book Publishing) to Church and that matches exactly what is said in Church - (most of the time). I have done a lot of research on this and I am still confused. First, why would someone want to buy a 1962 Missal? I have seen these on the shelves and online, but do they match the current Mass, especially after the revisions to the Mass in the last year or so? I came across this Missal and it looks great, but will it match the readings, the translations used by my church in the United States? The link to this one is:: ccwatershed.org/Campion/ Any thoughts? Why is my Daily Roman Missal (My Sunday Visitor Publishing). I bought this at a Pauline Sisters bookstore over ten years ago. I am looking for something like this but one where the english text matches what is being read during Mass, and all the other ‘stuff’ like the Rescessional Hymns between 1 and 2 Reading? Can anyone comment on this and the Campion Missal? The Campion Missal appears to be published in the U.S., but does it match the Liturgy used throughout the U.S. or harken back to the Tridentine Masses, pre Vatican II?
Pax et Bonum.

Who is the publisher of your current “Daily Roman Missal” and what’s its year of publication?

The Campion Missal is for the Traditional Latin Mass, the form in force back in 1962. If you attend the Ordinary Form Mass in English, it won’t match at all.

The Midwest Theological Forum Daily Roman MIssal is for me the best Ordinary Form hand missal out there for English speakers: theologicalforum.org/Browsing.aspx?BrowseBy=Category&CategoryId=112

As to why people would buy a 1962 Missal, many of us attend the Extraordinary Form Mass, a.k.a. Traditional Latin Mass. We need a matching missal if we want to follow along in English, as all the prayers are in Latin.

Published in 1998, Published by the Midwest Theological Forum. Last four digits of the ISBN is : 120-6. I like this, what it includes as far as content, but the translations are different than what is read in Mass and some of the other responses by the laity and what the priest says are always different. And of course it is pre-Change, as far as the changes to the Mass a year or so ago…

And yeh, I thought the Campion would be used for the Tridentine Mass, my parish doesn’t offer this and I can’t find one anywhere in my area. Would love to attend one…

That explains the differences; it uses the old translations. The link I gave you points to the same MTF Missal, updated to use the new translations. I had to buy a new copy for myself. I think that’s the best option out there. In my case though, there will be some difference because I live in Canada. Everything is identical except for the readings, which here are taken from the NRSV, modified accordingly while yours come from the NAB. For you, it should match exactly.

I have several missals that I use on various occasions. I, also, have the Campion Missal. Its a beautiful book but there is just too much of it for easy use in the pew. (at least for me)

The Campion missal is strictly for use in the EF Mass. However, my favorite missal is the Angeles Press version.

Thanks I will look that up…Appreciate your response.


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