Missed church two sundays in row and missed adoration

Hey, I am wondering if people can maybe help give me some insight into my situation. For the past four years I have attended church every sunday and have not missed one sunday mass–until today and last Sunday. Even if I was really busy with school work, I would attend church services.

However, now things are becoming worse. I’ve been having health problems constantly for the past several years, and they have severely affected my energy level and sleeping patterns. The past few weeks my sleeping patterns have completely gone downhill. My health problems also, to a more limited degree, have affected my physical flexibility, and my back problems. In any case, last week I didn’t go to mass because I couldn’t even get out of bed until 1 p.m., even though I had 10 hours of sleep. Today it was somewhat similiar, except that I couldn’t go to sleep until 6:30 a.m. and I slept in until 1 p.m.

At random times in the day I get really tired too, and I collapse on my bed or on the ground and just stay there for hours, and I don’t have the energy to get up and do things.

Also, last Tuesday someone from my church called me and persuaded me (in truth, against my will) to do Eucharistic adoration. I normally don’t do this, but because she needed a substitute, I agreed. Well, come this weekend my health problems got really bad and the whole adoration thing totally slipped my mind, and I forgot to go, which I feel really guilty for–not because I wasn’t with Jesus in the Eucharist (I think God understands why I didn’t go) but because I might have inadvertently forced an adorer to stay longer.

Anyhow, if you could just please pray for me and maybe give me some helpful advice and maybe tell me if I horribly sinned by missing mass two weeks in a row. :frowning:

Missing Mass isn’t a sin; “deliberately” missing Mass is. Health reasons are always an acceptable reason.

Additionally, remember that in order for a sin to be mortal it must have full consent of the will.

It sounds like your main problem is with mornings, so I would humbly suggest that you change your Mass habbit to attending the Saturday evening vigil Mass in the future.

It doesn’t sound like from what you said it is a sin if you didn’t intend to miss mass and it was due to medical reasons. But I’d talk to a priest and get his advice on what he thinks would be a good adjustments to make.

Now on one hand I’d say for medical reasons to miss mass is fine, but I’m sure there is apart of you that seems to be depressed about it. Now if the situation is like this: due to a lack of energy you miss and then get depressed about it, leading to more lack of energy, and so on and so on. Then I’d be a good thing just to fight the urge not to go and to go. If it’s more strickly just physcial reasons, maybe the best thing to do when it’s tough getting out of the house is to maybe set up an area where you can pray. Maybe get an cross, icons, spirtual book, and/or things like that. Have yourself a spiritual communion at home. But like I said don’t get too anxious, talk to a priest to come up with something that works.

Have you been to the doctor? What you described sounds very much like the symptoms of an autoimmune disorder.

Originally Quoted by WhatmeWorry:

Have you been to the doctor? What you described sounds very much like the symptoms of an autoimmune disorder.

Yes, I have been to several doctors. They haven’t really given me a conclusive answer. I’m thinking that it’s some kind of depression, but I don’t know for sure.

It sounds as if you are depressed. It might take time to get out of it, and sometimes meds can help. Also, improving one’s diet and exersising more can help.

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