Missed holy day of obligation


I just missed today’s mass of obligation and I was wondering if it was a moral sin. I have planned all day to go but my mom got home and said she felt to tired and sick to go. And so I waited to ask her again but by that time it was to late and the mass was already about to begin. I feel really bad missing mass. please help.


It seems as if you had all intention in going to Mass, but due to reasons beyond your control, you could not make it. If you had to care for your mother, or if she was your ride to church, then you didn’t do anything wrong. If you still feel guilty, call your pastor and see if you can get a dispensation.


thank you that helps a lot


If you are dependent on someone else for a ride, and they fall through, it is not your fault.


I’m assuming you don’t live within walking distance of the Church. Is that correct?


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