Missed Mass, feel weird


Granted, we’re sick in bed, and our Bishop (in a statement to the local Catholic newspaper, in wake of the swine flu scare) said that sick people ought to stay home from Mass.

But I still feel weird about missing it!

This is maybe the third, fourth time I missed Mass since before my swim. Couple other times I was sick, another time I was traveling.



It does feel weird to miss… When you’re traveling, even internationally don’t be afraid to google up the location of a local church you can attend. That’s one of the great great advantages of being Catholic. Personally I love being able to attend mass abroad :slight_smile:


Nothing wrong about feeling “weird”. It seems you have a very tender heart, and want to be with Our Lord. I had to stay home once last year because of the flu, and it seemed to be I was doing something wrong. But as long as you know in your head that you did the right thing, nothing to worry about.

The ones who need to worry are those who miss for no reason and don’t have a problem with it. And alas, there are millions of Catholics around the world who fit that description!


I knew where the churches were that time, but since my relative was in the hospital in grave condition, we put ourselves at the mercy of the family’s schedule. I had intended to go to Vigil that Saturday but with one thing and another…

And then traveling home we missed the other Masses. I went to Confession next chance, the priest absolved me. :smiley:


Ah, well you didn’t miss for no good reason then. That’s different all together! Just throwing it out there to my fellow catholics that travelling in and of it’s self is no excuse. In fact, attending a new mass in forgine territory (or even just another state) should be viewed as a new adventure, particularly for converts :slight_smile:


It does feel weird, but on behalf of your fellow Mass attenders, thank you for not spreading your germs around. You have a wise bishop. :o


The priest was pretty kind about it, too. He related that he had been on a plane once and missed Mass himself. I guess it happens.

And yah, Cath '54, we wuz (an still iz) pretty disgusting to behold, koffkoffsneezedripkoff.


You could try attending Daily Mass a few times, if your schedule permits and you aren’t still sick.


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