Missed Mass? Is this a Sin?


Currently, I am a Candidate in the RCIA process. Anyway, I know missing Mass is a grave matter, but what if it was accidental? Today, I was planning on going to my parish’s 7:30 PM Mass (last Mass of the day), but I then learned that Mass had been canceled (it was after 7 PM when I learned this).

The parish’s website lists the 7:30 PM Mass and I had assumed that Mass would occur at that time, as it usually has in the past. Did I sin by accidentally missing Mass (I fully intended to go).


No, you didn’t sin. It was an accident… caused by a change in the bulletin.

You intended to go. But the bulletin was changed, without your knowing it.

Our Good Lord is very Merciful. I think you’re fine! Hope this helps. God bless and Happy New Year.

MV :snowing:


Yeah, since you had done all you could to go and you had a reasonable expectation that it would occur at 7:30, there would be no sin on your part. For the future though, it may be good to check with the office for any cancellations if you plan to go to this Mass, now that you know they sometimes cancel it.
God Bless & Congratulations on RCIA


Learn this now and never forget it: You cannot sin by accident. Sin is always wilful. If you look deep into your heart and find that you really knew that the Mass schedule was changed, and you made no effort to find another Mass, then it goes from accidental to wilful. But if you were honestly caught by surprise, there cannot be a sin here.

Also, are you, as a member of RCIA but not formally received into the Church yet, actually obligated to attend Mass on Sundays and holydays? I know you want to, and I commend you for that, but it would be good to know what your actual obligation really is.



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