Missed Mass Last Week-Go to Confession?

Hello everybody!

I am both new to the forum and new to the Catholic Church (I was confirmed and received my first communion at this past Easter Vigil)! :slight_smile:

I have been going to my church regularly on Sunday and sometimes Saturday and I love to be involved! Last week, I was out of town for a relay with my parents for Saturday and Sunday and although I did find a nearby church, there was no way-with me not having my license yet-to get to any of the mass times (my parents were both very busy at the 24-hour Relay for Life event and couldn’t give me a ride). I read that it was a mortal sin to miss mass on the Sabbath Day and that I must quickly go to confession before being able to receive communion again…is this all true and are there any exceptions? I don’t mind going to confession but was just curious of the seriousness of my situation. Thank you all!


The circumstances were such that it became impossible for you to go to Mass, so technically it wasn’t a mortal sin.

Next time, plan a little further in advance, and make sure you have a solid plan for getting to Mass if you have to be away from home over the weekend.

For example, with enough advance planning, you could have arranged for a cab to pick you up and take you to Mass rather than try to depend on your parents for a ride. Or you could have downloaded the transit schedule, figured out the bus route, and taken a bus. Or perhaps there was a Catholic Church you didn’t know about that was within walking distance.

If you set yourself up to succeed, you will not fail! :thumbsup:

If you didn’t have transportation to Mass (and the parish isn’t within walking distance) and there weren’t any other parishes you could get to (likely not since the same lack of transportation would have been true), then you weren’t obliged to get to Mass. But next time plan enough ahead that you can call the parish and see if there is someone who could give you a ride. Alternately you might be able to take the bus.

The OP is a minor who does not yet have a driver’s license and may not be able to make such a plan.

No way would Iet my young teen go off in a cab or on a city bus by themselves in a strange city. Forget it.

If I have doubts over this, I’d go to confession. I don’t think anyone on internet can really answer the question for you. We don’t know the availability of Sunday night Masses are and at what distance from those you are, etc.

A “young teen”? Where are you getting that information from? :confused:

Obviously if the person is a young teen, then that changes the situation. I was assuming a college student home for the summer.

Our gracious Lord, yes, it is a mortal sin. One must confess this to truly reach salvation, or perhaps be forever damned.

Knock it off! There’s no need to ridicule what anyone should charitably assume is a genuine question.

To the OP, no sin (mortal or venial) and I am so happy to welcome you to these forums and to the Church. :slight_smile: Until you are a self-supporting adult, these situations will come up. I assume your parents are generally supportive about your faith, so until you can make all decisions and provide for them yourself, just do the very best you can.

I wish you well. :hug3:

Well, they said they couldn’t drive yet and to me that says “under 16”. So, I guess we are both making some assumptions. :slight_smile:

Perhaps the OP can clarify their age.

And no way would I allow my teenager to make arrangements with a church to have a stranger drive them to Mass. There is no sin on the girl’s part because she had no way to get to Mass, and a minor child should not be expected to make such arrangements for herself.

I am 16 but have not taken my driving test yet. I plan on taking it very soon before summer vacation.

sounds like you had very little control over being able to go to Mass. It is only a Mortal sin when you deliberately miss Mass even though you had every ability to go to it.

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