Missed Mass today

So this last Friday (two days ago), I had a culmination of bad flu-like symptoms (severe muscle aching, clogged head, inability to think, exhaustion, reduced hearing and sore inner ears, inability to get comfortable) that had been building up a few days prior. However, yesterday I felt better, and today I woke up feeling sore and tired but otherwise physically able to leave my house or what have you.

However, since I had the flu-like symptoms on Friday and didn’t have a chance to get tested to ensure it was the flu (as opposed to perhaps a mono breakout) since I didn’t want to risk driving yesterday, I was worried I was still contagious today and stayed home from Mass.

After doing so though and going back to sleep, I woke up later and I immediately felt bad about missing Mass. I gave myself some self-penances throughout the day, but I know that those penances don’t make up for a mortal sin. I’m not really scrupulous at all, but I just cannot stand whenever I justify missing Mass for any reason, and especially so since I was feeling relatively well today. I also am kicking myself over not taking care of myself better the past few days (all soda, no water or juice, staying up late even though I was exhausted; I just made do with Advil), and…I just don’t know. I hate missing Mass for any reason. I’m still feeling pretty sore, but as I said, if I had to go out somewhere, I am physically capable of doing so.

Did I do the right thing staying home? I’m going to confess it as soon as possible (Wednesday probably) no matter what to be safe, but obviously my reasoning was not “I’ll just stay home and confess later” since that’s not a legitimate justification.

If you think you have the flu, cold, or any contagious sickness do all the young, old, and otherwise vulnerable a favor and stay away from Mass.

Even if it’s been 1-2 days since major symptoms? It was hard for me to find an accurate timetable on how long one is contagious after losing major flu symptoms. But yes, I did stay home, because I didn’t know, and I wanted to be safe.

Personally I would say you did the right thing in staying home.Just because you start to feel better it does not mean you are well again.It is very easy to get a relapse,and end up getting much sicker than you were to begin with.As you know your body needs rest right now so that you can get well.Aside from that you may yet be contagious and it would be rather uncharitable to “share” your illness w/ others. God knows what is in your heart,no where did you state that you stayed home from Mass w/o a good reason.Take this to Confession if you like,but you did not sin by staying home.

It’s OK. No sin. Be at peace.

Yes, if you’re not well, it’s better to stay home, especially since that’s contagious. You did the right thing. Stay home and rest.

Hope you’re feeling completely better, soon. God bless you!

Had the flu myself, so know what you’re talking about. I didn’t even consider getting tested, though, because there was no way I could drive, and I didn’t want to expose so many people just so I could verify what I already knew :shrug:

Anyway, on day 5 of my illness, I chose to go to mass. BUT, I am the organist, so I could sit at the organ, up in the choir loft, and away from the six singers who were at the microphone. I kept my mouth covered with my sweater while talking with them, and told them they MUST keep their distance. I also received Holy Communion in the hand, which I haven’t done for ages. It would be over 24 hours after mass before anyone else touched the organ. Under any other circumstances, I would have stayed home - they’ve sung a Capella before, and could have done so again.

According to the CDC website, any particles you excrete while coughing or sneezing, or anything you get on your hands/clothes via tissues, for example, still carry the flu virus for up 5-10 days after the onset of symptoms. And those little germs are alive for up to an hour after they get onto a surface outside your body.

So, thank you for keeping your germs to yourself today! And please do your best to to protect others from those germs as you go out and about now that you’re feeling better, thank God.

God bless you!


I have missed Mass due to illness as well this winter (the real hardcore flu…UGH). Once, I did feel as if I could go and make it through, but this would be very irresponsible since I was still truly sick; I didn’t want to infect anyone else, especially the older or infirm. I am still not taking the chalice.


I agree, thank you for staying home when you are sick.

Here is what the CCC says about the issue.

CCC 2181 The Sunday Eucharist is the foundation and confirmation of all Christian practice. For this reason the faithful are obliged to participate in the Eucharist on days of obligation, unless excused for a serious reason (for example, illness, the care of infants) or dispensed by their own pastor.119 Those who deliberately fail in this obligation commit a grave sin.

I think you did the right thing by staying home. You can be contagious even before you know you are ill and all the duration. If you only had symptoms for 2 days you are probably still sick.

Thank you guys; I felt okay enough to go out if my attendance was needed somewhere, but I know that at Mass there’s a lot of immunocompromised. I’m going to confess on Wednesday still, because I don’t want to ever miss a Sunday Mass without confessing, no matter how sick I was [it helps me feel better about it], but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t being overcautious. Missing Mass is a big deal, to say the least, and so it’s a very hard thing to say “I don’t think I should go when I know I can physically go,” even more so than work.

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