Missed Papal Coverage

I missed the EWTN coverage of the closing for the month of May. Is there a way I can see the closing ceremony for the month of May from the Vatican? Is there online video available?

I think EWTN offers a DVD of the whole visit on their site.


Thanks, but I am not refering to the Papal visit to the US. I am talking about a ceremony in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary that took place on May 31 in St. Peter’s Square that EWTN showed.

oops sorry can’t help there :frowning:


This is a report on what the Pope had to say at the end of the ceremony:


I don’t know where you can find the entire program, which was approximately an hour and a half long, but the Pope only participated at the very end, coming out from the Basilica to speak to the crowd for the last ten minutes or so. With the link above, you can at least see the highlights of his words on the Magnificat. Sorry I can’t be of more help. It seems that EWTN only replays their special programming once and then do not offer them for viewing again on TV or online.

USCCB seems to have video archives of the Papal Visit.


Can’t find any video, but the text of the speech is available at the vatican website (it’s only available in french or italian, though). I suppose you could run the italian text through an internet translator to get the gist of the speech.

The vatican website also has a link to the Vatican Television Center which posts directions on how to request video recordings in VHS format.

Otherwise, I suggest contacting EWTN directly to ask how you can receive an archived version of it.

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