Missed Sunday Mass, invited to Sunday Mass


If one has Catholic friends that do not regularly attend Sunday Mass (perhaps rarely) should he invite them to Mass, knowing that they will probably receive Holy Communion? They are likely ignorant that missing Mass is grave matter, and thus may not be in a state of mortal sin subjectively speaking. Nevertheless, you don’t know for sure, all you know is the objective grave matter. Should you talk about the Sunday obligation with them first? Or should you work with them on basic doctrines and precepts before inviting them? perhaps invite them to go to Confession with you first? Obviously, getting someone to Mass is an incredible good and an opportunity for grace for that person, but I’m just wondering if anyone thinks first having a somewhat awkward conversation about the Sunday obligation is necessary, which can be very hard to do without sounding judgmental.


I would remind them of the Sunday obligation in a tactful manner.

For example:Jim, the Church teaches that you have to go to Mass every Sunday under pain of mortal sin, unless something serious happens to you. I’m concerned for your soul, and I’d like to invite you to come to Mass with me today. I won’t feel offended if you say no.

If Jim accepts, then, in a respectful manner, tell him that receiving communion in the state of mortal sin is bad. That’s as far as you can go, since you can’t judge a person’s soul.


“Hey, I’m going to Mass tomorrow at 10; want to come with?”


Look at the misselette in the pew- show him. “Hey, did you know this?”


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