Missing Buddhist scroll from 12th century turns up in Nara temple

*UDA, Nara Prefecture–A gold and silver-inked Buddhist text preserved at the Soyuji temple here has been found to be one of the famed Chusonji-kyo Sutras, a series of Buddhist manuscripts dating back almost 900 years.

The temple had the scripture authenticated as part of a project to compile the sacred site’s history and announced the finding on Nov. 9.

Measuring 22.6 centimeters by 33 cm, the manuscript is part of the series known as “Issai-kyo in Alternating Gold and Silver Characters on Blue Paper,” but commonly called the Chusonji-kyo Sutras. The collection is said to date to the late Heian Period (794-1185).

Exactly how the scroll, on navy blue paper with 19 lines of about 17 characters each, became separated from the main collection is unknown and a source of intrigue…*

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Cool. Buddhism may be nonsense, but it’s always interesting when lost bits of history are rediscovered.

Well, I don’t know if it’s all nonsense. Of course, I do believe it’s a false religion but a lot of their spirituality is rather interesting.

I guess I am glad it is not missing anymore!

Interesting. Many people on this forum have often said that Catholicism’s withstanding the test of time for 2000 years says a lot about the religion’s veracity.
And yet…Buddhism has been around for 8000 years and still going strong, but you call it “nonsense” and “a false religion”.

Perhaps its endurance and timelessness says otherwise.


I never saw anyone on this forum make that claim. The truth of Christianity is based on the results, not how long it’s been around.

Make that 2,500 years since Shakyamuni Buddha, not 8,000 years. Of course, if you want to go back as far as Dipankara Buddha…

Buddhism is not all “nonsense”, even from the Christian perspective. “Love others as you love yourself.” – Bhadramayakaravyakarana sutra, predates Jesus’ “Love your neighbour as yourself.”


Man! The late fees!

Yah, but it’s different! Because reasons! :mad:

Seriously, for myself, I’ve never really liked the argument for longevity, or for that matter, persecution. If I did, I’d be Jewish.

Buddhism is a very interesting religion and I myself am intrigued by it. I won’t lie about this, but one of the reasons I have gotten into the interest of Buddhism had to do with the cartoon Avatar: The Last Air-blender.

I could tell that the air blenders were based on the monks of Buddhism or something close to it. As I don’t believe it is all false… as the Church of Rome teaches that there are many religions that have elements of the truth…

Yet, on our belief of Christ, we teach we have the fullness of Truth itself… Of course, I’m sure you knew this.

Indeed. Visited the LaBrang Monastery in Xiahe, China with a Jesuit many years ago. He was very eager to point out the spiritual practices of the monks and many of the similarities in belief that the Tibetan Buddhists had with Catholics. And areas that in many ways the Buddhists have a leg up on Catholicism (usually with base spirituality and living their religions, over most Catholics). Of course he also made a point to highlight the differences as well.

It’s a philosophy from a few hundred years before Christ not 8000 years.
We still study Plato and Aristotle from about the same period even with all their flaws.
Modern reason and science came from them.

According to Pope Francis that is a frowned upon expression of religious extremism.

Can’t say that any more as a Catholic…


“We Catholics have some, not just some, so many, who believe they have the absolute truth and they move forward with calumnies, with defamation and they hurt (people), they hurt. And, I say this because it’s my Church, also us, all of us.” - Pope Francis


My apologies to replying so late. I do admire Pope Francis, yet I continually notice that there are times in which he speaks that his words are left for a huge variety of interpretations.

And I do believe that I commented on this on another thread. He was referring to fundamentalism and I’m afraid you are clearly confusing the two issues. The issue that he as talking at hand ‘fundamentalism’ is one that refers to presenting the Truth of Christ and His Church to the world that is oppressive, cruel, full of hated without the virtues of Love, Charity, and Mercy. Common example of this from the Catholic Church can be found in past ages such as in the Crusades.

What I mentioned in my post was that the Catholic Church teaches that the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit has been leading her in the fullness of Truth through the union of the Bishop of Rome and all those in communion with him.

Yet, it must be noted that the Spirit of Truth leads the Christian Churches of the East into the fullness of truth in ways that are not found anywhere besides the Church of Rome; but only in communion with Church of Rome is the fullness of truth realized.

Thankyou Art,

So when the Pope says the words “so many” are you saying that there are “so many” Catholics who are “oppressive, cruel, full of hated without the virtues of Love, Charity, and Mercy.”?

I think you may have misunderstood the Pope personally. :slight_smile:

Te Pope is addressing the common language amongst “so man” Catholics that “we possess the fullness of truth itself” which it seems “so many” do not realise how hurtful it is to other people and communities.

It is this mindset of thinking that “we have the fullness of Truth” that has oppressed indigenous populations and rural communities in the past and currently by Catholic adherents and it has manifested itself in oppressive acts by adherents of other Faiths too.

I sense the Pope thinks the whole thing lacks humility and is a stain on Faith.

This thread has examples of it aplenty unfortunately…



A couple of points:

  1. In regards to the words in bold, I can’t and won’t speak for other Catholics because I simply can’t say. I suppose that there are people in all religions that lack the virtues of clarity and mercy; yet the authentic message of Christ’s Church is to proclaim His message which is one of Love and Truth!

  2. I don’t believe that I misunderstood Pope Francis though, and many others on this forum would agree. Please look at this thread forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?t=989454

In it, you’ll find responses like this to differentiate fundamentalism between Church Teaching which says the Catholic Church has the fullness of Truth. A couple of examples:

That’s the difference between fundamentalism and orthodoxy, which is what you’re confusing the issue with. God Himself is Truth itself, remember the words he said:
"For this I was born and for this I came into the world, to testify to the truth. Everyone who belongs to the truth listens to my voice" (John 18:37)
As Catholics, we believe that the Catholic Church speaks for Christ here on earth, yet when we proclaim the Truth/Church Teachings, we must always do so with humility, compassion and mercy. Sadly, this has not always been the case as you have pointed out and that is what leads to fundamentalism.

Thankyou Art :slight_smile:

May I ask what is the difference between “absolute Truth” and “the fullness of Truth”?

God bless you …


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