Missing Chaps. of Joshua?


I was on the Blue Letter Bible site doing a search of the various names of donkeys and noticed a reference in the Gesenius portion of “Joshua 30:6”. All the books of Joshua I find stop at Chap. 24.


Has anyone ever heard of ‘extra’ Joshua chapters? Gesenius appears to be quite exacting so I’m hesitant to assume this is a typo.


The above-referenced entry is definitely an error. Remembered I had a pdf copy of Gesenius’ Lexicon in the original and did a search for “Joshua 30” - no hits. A couple of more searches and I came to the exact “Related Entry” sentence (p. 616) and it reads “Isaiah 30:6” - not “Joshua 30:6”. Guess some parts of the Gesenius entries are hand-typed and not cut-n-pasted.

Sorry it didn’t work out to find more pages of Joshua - we sorely need more Bible pages to mull over. :wink:


Definitely should read “Isaiah 30:6.”


It is a typo. The Book of Joshua ends at Chapter 24. Perhaps a confusion between the similar-looking names Isaiah and Joshua could have caused this. :slight_smile:

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