Missing church one sunday

Hi Folks,
Last night i went out and had a few drinks with friends.
The downside is today im having anxiety attacks and its pretty debilitating. I really want to go to church but standing in a crowd makes my anxiety worse and i have not been able to calm it down.
I know the anxiety was self inflicted on my behalf by going out and having a few last night, but because its pretty bad, do you think missing church one sunday will be a sin?
Any advice will be good…
ps and yes, i know i was silly for going out and drink…

Unfortunately, missing Mass on a Sunday or Holy day of obligation is a sin (unless ill, looking after the ill, etc). But don’t worry, just make use of the Sacrament of Reconciliation. No-one is perfect. That’s what I’d do.

Getting drunk enough to be so hung over is also a sin (not judging BTW), “ex’”- alcoholic here, so you’d need to repent of that anyway. If it was a regular occurence the priest could maybe help you with that?

A good question though! If I am sick for self-inflicted reasons does that mean I can miss Mass for being ill?

Certainly an interesting question. You know now for sure that having a “few” will cause these symptoms then don’t do this in the future, have a soda, pop, coke, (whatever idiom you use for a soft drink such as Coke or Pepsi). You don’t have to not go out with friends, just don’t have “a few” or to make things easier be what we here in the US call “the designated driver” - the one who doesn’t drink anything so someone can drive everyone home who is sober.

Then if you are truly unable to force yourself to go to Mass get to Confession before you go to Communion again, preferably sometime this week! Remember though, with confession comes the “promise” to try not to do the same sin.

Brenda V.

How could he make use of the Sacrament of “Reconciliation” if he willingly commits a sin, with the intent of confessing it later on? How can you have true sorrow for something that you did with the intent of “just confessing it later”?

I can’t believe that you are seriously recommending that this person miss Mass!!! It is a GRAVE Matter to do so!


Dolphinlove - I you should NOT just skip Mass with the intent of confessing it later. GO TO MASS TOMORROW!!! Go early in the Morning or maybe late at night if you wish to avoid crowds (although I recommend the former because Satan might try to prevent you from going). It is essential to honor your god. You might even be able to find a convent that’ll have a Mass - which might not have too many people. It is however essential to get to Mass no matter the circumstances.


P.s. If you want I’ll do some searches to find a convent or some churches near you that might not have so many people - but then again you’d have to tell me your general location. If you’re not comfortable with that (for I wouldn’t do it myself) its alright.

Without answering the moral question involved (others have made efforts at that), we are at the very least in a situation where you are unsure about how to get yourself to attend Mass.

My best advice is to drive to the parish and make your best effort to get yourself into the building.

Get there half and hour early, sit in the parking lot, say a rosary, and ask for the strength to go in.

If they have a choir loft that is empty, go up there and sit. If they have a side chapel that you could sit in to listen to the Mass, do so. At a parish I attend, there are a number of confessionals in the back… even if you sit in one of those by yourself for an hour and listen to the Mass, I would say go for that.

(I suffered from anxiety for months after a car accident and could not leave my house AT ALL while recuperating. I did not take phone calls or have people over except my parents who agreed “visit” while watching TV downstairs and leaving me alone some days.)

Again, without addressing the matter of sin here, if you really cannot get yourself to leave the house, watch Mass on TV is possible, and then as soon as you are ready, go to confession and do your best to not place yourself in this situation again.

Hey guys, thanks for your response, i built up the courage and went to church! im glad i did, i feel much better now also.
God Bless you all and may he give you strength

Good for you! :clapping: God will provide :wink: :yup: Don’t forget the lesson about ‘having a few’ though, now that you know it can bring this on.

For some of the previous posters, I didn’t see anyone advocating intentionally missing Mass and planning to confess later on. That would be the sin of presumption. I saw instead simply a reminder that confession is available to her should she feel the need.

Anxiety disorders are a very real, often very physically debilitating disease. As such, anyone who genuinely suffers, has an anxiety attack through no fault of their own, and avoids mass as a result, lacks the full will and intent necessary for mortal sin.

In saying that it was self inflicted the OP doesn’t appear to be saying it was intentional or that she knew it would result, simply that it was her actions that brought it on. In proportion to the severity of the illness in such a case it would be a venial sin or no sin at all.

Thanks Lily,
And yes, anxiety can be one of the worst things. Ive had it for about a year now, but its improving a lot which im very happy about!
Im looking forward to world youth day, they displayed a promotional video tonight of it, and im very excited!
So im glad im went to church!

I read two things in your original post;

One, that you went on a “bender” :smiley: and were hungover and

Two, that you have some anxiety over being in a crowd.

Glad you went to Mass…we’ll pray for the strength to keep it up.

Anyway, these are two different things, unless (and only you can answer this) the drinking and subsequent hangover is an excuse/avoidance not to face an anxiety problem.

Not to armchair quarterback, but if this anxiety continues, you may want to consult your priest for a referral to a good Catholic counselor in your area. If you have crowd/anxiety issues, it’s very difficult to “cold-turkey” get over them.

If it’s not…maybe more of a fear of going to mass or facing reconciliation…that’s different. A good councelor can help you sort things out if it continues to be a problem.

Meanwhile…keep praying about it. :thumbsup:


Was being hung over in the original post? I don’t see it.

Why was this thread and the “no meat of fridays” thread moved to the Traditional forum? Are traditionalist catholics supposed to be the only ones who follow rules? :confused:

Don’t miss mass. Sit in the very last row if you have to, but there is healing found in the Eucharist, even if you can only receive it in spirit. Let Christ be the mender of your Saturday night bender. :slight_smile:

Good job! :clapping: :extrahappy: :clapping: :extrahappy:


I know what you mean about the anxiety stuff. I have tendencies that way myself, and if I have to be around large crowds, I get the heebie-jeebies. For me, alcohol just makes things worse. It messes with your brain chemistry, and people with anxiety disorders often have chemical imbalances to begin with. It’s a real illness, not just “all in your head.” So learn your limits and stick within those, and you should do fine.

As far as “when it’s OK to miss Mass,” a priest once told me that, if you’re feeling bad enough that you would stay home from a social event you wanted to attend, you’re feeling bad enough to stay home from Mass without it being a sin. So if your anxiety was severe enough that you wouldn’t have gone to brunch with a friend, I’d say you were fine to stay home this morning. But I’m glad you went, anyway! :thumbsup: And in the future, if you think you might have trouble getting up on Sunday morning for whatever reason, why not go to the Saturday Vigil instead? Then you won’t have to worry about it.

God bless,

If your main concern is crowds, you don’t have to be drunk to experience an occasional temporary agoraphobia. For myself, I always keep a list of churches and Mass times when overcrowding will not be an issue. Yes, I know it’s not the same thing, but we’re not all sports fans that love to sit with 100,000 other people cheering for the home team.

:blush: Assumption on my part.

Maybe from my own experience? :wink:

Fear not, missing mass is not a sin. Believing in God and having Faith in Jesus is all you need to enter into his good graces. These artificial constraints you speak of are Man’s law, not God’s law.

The priest takes this matter into consideration before he forgives (or rather, Christ forgives through the priest).

On the contrary, although Canon Law does allow some exceptions.

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