Missing Confession. Blessing


The title is not a very good starter but, I was planning to go to confession and of course I get there and it is 400. The time of confessions had passed and so I thought to myself why not just spend a little time sitting here. Well boy oh boy THAT WAS BESTEST GRAND THING I did all DAY! As I was sitting there I was beginning to feel Jesus say to me Rest, relax. My Heart then started to flutter with joy, hope, and LOVE. I began to think to myself I want this! I want this! Whether I am called to Marriage or Priesthood, or even single life. As Long as I have Jesus in my heart and that feeling I had in the Church, I will do whatever he asks! Who needs worldly thing when I have Jesus!


Hello. On this same website is a tract about confession you might find useful.


Frequent confession has helped me immeasurably.

Very happy you had a good experience with the Lord however. He loves us more than we can possibly comprehend.

Hope you get to confession soon.

God bless you and please pray for me.


I suspect there is no issue here of serious sin. Your experience is called consolation. It’s a gift from God to call you closer. Just don’t look for the gift more than the giver.


Wow, cool experience. Happy to hear about it.


It's amazing how God will us every available instance to reach out to us. Even when we're late to confession.


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