Missing from "Summa Theologica"


For Question 82, the Minister of the Sacrament of the Eucharist, there is a question missing: Are communicants receiving at their hands guilty of sinning?

Why is this? :confused:


The Church allows receiving in the hand, as did the early Church.

So how communicants receiving in the hand be sinning?



No, I wanna know why the question itself is missing from the book. Every other question is in Q82 except for that one.


Well, its in here;




Nickkname, the answer *is *there, but you’re misunderstanding the question, I believe.

The question is: “Whether it is permissible to receive communion from heretical, excommunicated, or sinful priests, and to hear mass said by them?” Or, in other words, “at their hands.” And the answer is given in the 2 paragraphs following “I answer that…”.

I think what’s throwing you is the way the list of “ten points” is worded:

(9) Whether communicants receiving at their hands are guilty of sinning?

Again, “at their hands” is referring to the degraded priest’s hands (those priests mentioned in points 5-8), not those of the communicants.

:smiley: Good try, though!


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