Missing Kitty


I know this is relatively trivial compared to what some others are going through, but I am really sad right now because my 8-month old kitty went missing last night.

This past weekend we moved to a new apartment about 40 minutes away from where we used to live. She always used to stay outside at night, but she had stayed inside with us the first couple nights we were here. I was going to take her outside during the daytime to get her acquainted with our surroundings before letting her stay outside for a whole night by herself in a new neighborhood. But last night, she was meowing at the door, so I let her out, expecting her to come back inside in a couple minutes. She didn’t and I was worried about her but my hubby thought she would be fine for the night. Well, this morning she was not outside the door waiting to come in, nor was she anywhere to be seen. My DH looked for her this morning, and again around noon, and we both walked around the neighborhood knocking on doors after I got home from work. No one had seen her.

She has been spayed so she is not in heat.

I am just looking for some encouraging words and big time prayers for her to come home. I’ve been praying to St. Anthony and St. Francis all day for her safe return. I know there was a similar thread a few months ago and plan on checking that one out for prayers and encouragement also.

Thanks and God bless you all.


I’m so sorry to hear about your lost kitty:console:

Be sure to call all the local shelters (and keep calling - also leave your name and description of the cat), hang signs in your neighborhood, and put an ad in the paper and on craigslist. Go door to door again with flyers so people know how to get in touch with you if they do see her. I’ll bet that somebody close by in the neighborhood has her and is caring for her - you just have to find out who it is!

This Sunday is St. Francis of Assisi’s feast day - ask him to help bring her home (hopefully she’ll be home before Sunday though!!!)


Hope you find your kitty very soon. Cats can be very resourceful and she might have even
found herself back in the old neighborhood. Can you call a neighbor from the old apartment and ask them to check? This happened to one of our neighbors when they moved. The cat came back "home."
A friend of mine said that whenever he moved with the cats, he would put softened butter on their paws. He did this as soon as he got to the new place. By the time, they worked
on cleaning their paws, they were “settled” in their new place. You might try this as soon
as she gets back.


*Oh, I’m so sorry, this is a terrifying feeling, I know. Our family cat drifted away earlier this year…he was gone for nearly two weeks. Everyone on CAF was a dream. They said he’d turn up, and they were right. I admit, I doubted. I’m sure you have your doubts, but cats are funny that way…they do turn back to familiar surroundings and have a really keen sense of smell and vision. She will come back, I’m sure. I just wish they knew what they put us through. My prayers are with you for a quick, safe return of your special cat. :hug1: :gopray:

PS–Cats will tend to hide during the day when there are cars driving by, etc. I learned this from some on here, and in doing some basic research when our cat was missing. The best time to look is when the sun sets…and buy a big flashlight and just keep walking the streets. Get the neighbors involved, and post signs. Your hubby walking around is great! She’ll turn up…but the waiting is difficult.*


I just said a pray for you! I am so sorry about that missing cat!

St. Francis of Assisi, I ask you to help find this beloved family pet!


Good news! She came home tonight! As my hubby just said, St. Anthony strikes again! :D:thumbsup::extrahappy:

Thank you all for your prayers and advice. God bless.


I’m so glad. :yup:

:clapping: :dancing:


Woo Hoo!!!

Thank you St. Anthony and St. Francis of Assisi!


YAAAY!!! :slight_smile:

Now, just keep her in until she is completely familiar with your new house as being “home” now.

(My rule with new kittens has always been, never let them out - when they figure out how to escape behind your back and then get back in on their own, then they’re savvy enough to be allowed out - but even then, they have to figure their own way out. I’ll let them in through the doors, but not out. That way, I’m sure they know where they are and how they got there.


Yeah! Thank you, St. Anthony.




Yup, thank you, San Antonio.


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