Missing mass = a mortal sin?

I missed mass today because I can’t legally drive by myself and both parents were working. My grandparents, who could have taken me in any other case, are in Mexico; and my aunt is pregnant and very tired, with her hands full because she has to take care of her three-year-old daughter by herself until her husband gets back from a business trip. Is this enough of an excuse, or am I sinning? I’m going to watch a mass on TV (I know, I know)…when it comes on, but I feel terrible about this. I never miss mass. :frowning:

It sounds like you’ve made reasonable efforts, so I would say it is not a mortal sin. You could also go to confession as early as possible just to be safe.

John Marie Philomena

Missing mass is grave matter. You appear to have full knowledge. It does not appear that full consent is present. Only God and you know your heart.


If you were unable to get to Mass, and made a reasonable effort trying to get there, there was no sin on your part. I think it would be safe to say that if you had no way to get to Mass, there’s no sin on your part, especially if it’s only very occasionally.

God Bless!

It sounds as if you’re kind of stuck - unable to drive, and no one to take you. In this case, of course there is no sin, especially mortal, involved.

Now, if you are within walking distance and the sidewalks are clear, I wouldn’t be so quick to give you a pass, but we are only expected to do what we can, and what is reasonable.

you can’t get there you have no obligation, period. offer up the sacrifice for those Christians who are separated by persecution or lack of priests from the Mass

Wow, it is so sad that so many people were taught that missing mass once is so horrible. Yes, missing mass is a grave matter. But, what so many do not add is that if,
you have attempted to go. No ride or distance to mass is far to walk.
You are home sick or caring for someone who is sick,
Or your car breaks down on the way to mass.
I have read so many “for instances” in forums.
God knows your heart. You say, you rarely miss mass, I have no reason to not believe this is true. You say you tried but there was no conceivable way, again I say true if you say it is so.
Relax, confess it to your Priest, he will tell you his opinion. I have always been taught,
If you skip mass due to being hungover, you slept in, you had a football game to watch etc, or some reason that was not done as some act of charity etc, that is a sin.
My brother in law who is an emt witnessed a car wreck on his way to Mass, he stopped and helped, and in turn saved a life (Bad car wreck requiring life flight) now, I doubt the God of mercy will hold this against him. But, he confessed anyway just to be certain that it was cleared from his conscious. God bless, I wish more were so worried about missing something so beatiful.

Thank you, everyone, for replying. I’m just going to go to confession as soon as I can.

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.


It seems like you’ve made a reasonable effort, although I can not say for sure as I do not know exactly what happened. Only you and God know that. My advice is to go to Confession just to guarantee yourself that you will not be in a state of mortal sin, and that you won’t commit the sin of sacrilege. It would also give you the opportunity to confess any venial sins that you want to confess.

Thank you,
Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk

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