Missing mass a sin?

I asked this question but I don’t know where it went. My question is: I missed Mass this Sunday last and I feel so guilty. We had an ice storm and my driveway was a sheet of ice. I thought if I left my house I may not be able to come back into the garage but I didn’t even try. I made no effort to even try to make it to the 5PM Mass in the evening either. Now I am feeling so guilty for not having made an effort at all. Our temperatures have not gotten above freezing yet. The ice storm happened on the Friday before the weekend. Not having even tried to have made it to Mass, do I need to go to confession about this before I can receive again or am I being overly guilt ridden??

We do not have an obligation to risk our safety or the safety of others to attend Mass. Only you know if the reason you missed was a genuine safety concern or was just laziness. If your reason for missing Mass was sincerely a concern about being able to get there and back then you have no need to go to confession. If, however, you simply latched on to safety as a justification for laziness then I would recommend going to confession before receiving communion.

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