Missing mass and bad weather

In the last couple if months I have missed mass 2 times and went to confession but am wondering if I am committing a sin because I live 3,000’ above the nearest church and have only missed mass for extreme weather, but feel guilty because I live at a ski area and the ski area is operating but the roads are clogged with car wrecks and it would take 60-90 minutes to get to mass instead if the regular 20-30 minutes any thoughts. I do battle with being to legalistic sometimes even in very orthodox circles

You’re not required to go if travel is dangerous; and if the roads are clogged with wrecks, it was obviously dangerous.

If it is too dangerous to travel the roads to go to church - don’t go. Under normal circumstances we are not asked to endanger our lives to go to mass. Instead, devote some time on Sunday to vocal prayer, meditation, and spiritual reading (especially the readings that you would have heard at mass) if it is truly impossible to safely get to mass.

There’s no need to feel guilty that you can safely enjoy skiing on a day that you cannot safely drive ice-covered roads - those are completely different experiences.

I am more likely to get to mass than many of my friends in town. I live only 0.8 miles on a major (well-plowed road) road from my primary church. I’m younger than my elderly or disabled friends who are afraid of even a little ice or snow because of the danger of falling. I’m stubborn enough and daring enough to be willing to drive slowly when there are treacherous conditions - I don’t care if it takes 15 minutes to drive one mile, I’m going to make it there. And on top of all that I’m a cantor so I feel a little more responsibility for getting to church. We’ve had two weekends so far this year that our bishop has suspended the Sunday obligation to attend mass because of severe weather and I made it to masses on both those weekends. Everyone’s experience is different.

:yup: What she said. God knows your heart, so don’t worry about it.

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