Missing Mass Due To Illness

I had surgery Thursday morning, and am still in great pain if I move around much. I’m quite distressed over this. Going to Mass today will be almost impossible unless I have someone drive me there, and I’m afraid I will be home bound during the next week as well.

I know it’s not a mortal sin not to go to Mass under these circumstances, but should I call the parish and at least let my pastor know why I’m not at Mass ? Is a dispensation needed ?


No dispensation is needed, but you might want to call the parish in case someone can bring you communion in your home. However, this is a very busy week, so it might be tough for them.

BTW, it’s not only not a mortal sin to miss Mass in these circumstances, it’s not a sin at all.

God bless,


Thanks for taking time to reply Jen. Yes. I knew it wasn’t a sin, but it’s the first time I’ve had to miss because of illness. Just wanting to keep my bases covered. I even go when I’ve got a bad cold or flu, but get there right before Mass and sit in a pew not near anyone, and also do not receive Communion, doing a spiritual Communion instead.

Once I had a man cross the aisle to offer me his hand during the Sign of Peace, and held my hand up and told him I had the flu. We exchanged smiles, and he scooted back to his pew lol. He winked after Mass and thanked me.

I’m ok with missing Communion, but will do my best to receive Eastertide as ordered by the Church.

God Bless

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