Missing Mass during Holy Week

My wife is due to give birth on May 2nd, as they are twins they won’t allow them to go past this date but could be born a little bit earlier.

As Easter is one week before this, if my wife goes into labour on this weekend and I miss Mass am I sinning?


While Holy Week Services on Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday (Easter Vigil) and Easter itself are very meaningful and very good to attend, we are obligated only to attend on Easter Sunday. Easter Vigil is acceptable for the Sunday obligation.

Should your wife’s labor extend exactly over the Easter Vigil / Easter Sunday period, and you were with her, I don’t think missing would be a sin.

But, I would ask your Priest to advise you. I would also ask him if he would send a Eucharistic Minister to you both in the event you could not make it to Mass.

I didn’t think of this, Thank You.

You are welcome.

Now with grandchildren, we learned that there is only one thing wrong with children.

They grow up too fast.

Every day, sometimes a dozen times a day, they are doing something or learn something that just makes it all worthwhile to be their parents.

Raising children is not an impositon. It is what we get to do if we are lucky enough to be blest with children. Helping them grow into being independently capable adults who know, love, and serve God is a wonderful assignment.

April 25 is a good day. That’s my wife’s birthday. April 30 is good too, that’s my mom’s.

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