Missing mass for four weeks to go on a trip to Borneo


In a couple of years time I might be going on a trip with a company called Camps International to Borneo for four weeks. I’m not actually a Catholic, but I’m thinking of becoming one and there’s a chance that I’ll be one by the time the trip happens, and as we’ll be in mostly rural parts of a Muslim country (Malaysia), it might be difficult to access a Catholic church for those four weeks. The trip itself is not Church-based but we’ll be doing a lot of volunteer work with local communities, building stuff, teaching children and doing wildlife conservation work, as well as fun stuff like scuba diving. and I could probably download some recordings of mass services onto my phone to listen to on the Sundays while I was there.

Again, this is a semi-hypothetical question as I’m not a Catholic and don’t know whether I’ll be one by the time of the trip, although I am considering becoming one. But would it be a sin for me to go on the trip knowing that it’ll probably mean missing mass for four weeks, if I was a Catholic?



You may be able to find a Mass - you never know. But what you should do is speak to your pastor before the trip and ask for a dispensation. Of course if you are not a Catholic then you have no obligation.
Merry Christmas.


God dosen’t ask anything that is unreasonable. Try your very best effort to go, if you can’t then you can’t


Very late reply. The Malaysian states in Borneo namely Sabah and Sarawak have quite a high population of Catholics. You should be able to find a Catholic Church in most of the major towns there.


When I was in the UAE, I cabbed it to a fairly large nearby Catholic Church by myself. Only takes an hour on Sundays. Nobody even noticed I was gone.


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