Missing mass for illness

I’m fighting a cold, and don’t really have the energy to drive to the chapel. I also don’t want to spread the illness.

Is this a sin?

Why do you think it is?

If your are to sick to go then it is not a sin to miss mass.

And it’s also being properly considerate to other people by not spreading your germs about. Don’t forget, for low-immunity people (cancer and transplant patients, for example, or the elderly) it could be a matter of life and death.

What about being exhausted bc of bouts of insomnia or nearly no sleep?



Hi. Nope sorry. Being exhuasted does not excuse one from Mass. :frowning:

Thanks guys, I wasn’t sure if there was such a thing as excused absenses for mass. I’m still new to all this.

Hi. Nope sorry. Being exhuasted does not excuse one from Mass.

But if one is truly exhausted, then wouldn’t driving to the church be dangerous for them and people on the road? It can also be very hard to focus on the service at hand if one is sufficiently tired.

If you don’t suffer from nearly continuous lack of rejuvenating sleep, you really don’t know what it’s like. An occasional lost night’s sleep for most of us isn’t bad, but night after night is just a real burden.

God answered my prayer on Easter Sunday, when I had a bad night the night before. We were to host dinner for a few relatives, and there was NO time to rest. We also lead the choir, so I had to have enough energy for Mass, getting there early & be able to perform. Somehow, I got through it all fine! I said a rosary of Thanksgiving that night.

I think it’s likely apnea & will probably have (another) sleep lab which will hopefully diagnose apnea so I can get a cpap machine. I hear ppl who have them say it changed their life.

I should probably go take a nap…



Hmmm, then I would say that perhaps one needs to evulate their life and see if they cannot sacrifice an activity so that they could be rested for Mass. It is not easy for sure going to Mass exhuasted or trying to listen when one is extremely tired. Mass is only required once a week [provided no Holy Days of Obligation fall during a week as well]. Surely preparation and setting time to be rested for Mass can be set aside. :wink:


I hope that your nap was a well restful and peace-filled nap. As to being exhuasted due to lack of sleep, I totally understand. I am lucky if I can get 1.5 hrs of sleep during one night. Rew and few are the nights I can get 2 hrs of sleep. I thought that I would phase out of this, but I have not. Involuntary penance is good. :wink:

I hope that your sleep lab goes well. And yes I have heard many positive things about the cpap machine. I shall pray tonight when I am lying awake that you and the rest of the forum may have a peaceful and restful night. God Bless.

Little One0307

Are you a devotee of St Therese (of Lisieux), Little One? I am.

Sunday was difficult since I had about 4 hrs sleep, but I prayed I would be able to make it thru Mass & be able to play the Mass parts I was responsible for, and I was able to concentrate adequately - Praise God!

I sometimes wonder if this is a special cross & try to offer up the tiredness.

It IS dangerous to drive when sleep-deprived. Although it has not happened to me when behind the wheel, at least that I’m aware of, I know I blanked out 2x while performing bc I missed my entrances. Embarrassing & not good if you want to get hired back. One can blank out & not realize it. Thankfully, our church is only 1 mi away.

I will pray for you also L. One! Thank you for all prayers!



I love the Little Flower. I am rereading Story of a Soul right now. Her Act of Oblation to Merciful Love is truly a masterpiece and a wonderful way to live one’s life. I cannot get done singing Glory to God for her. She truly is a wondeful saint.

You mentioned you play. What do you play? I played piano at Mass when I attended a parish. I remember countless times being very tired for Mass, I seemed to have some trouble taking my own advice lol.

Yeah it can be thought of as an involuntary penance and can be offered up. One thing my SD told me that there are some peeps who cannot go to Mass and would give anything to be able to attend. So when I am tired, I try to pray for these poor souls. I wish I could say that I am never tired for Mass to this day, but it seems that I am very tired. Being able to not go to sleep is not fun, but at least I get to learn a great deal on the forum and things like that.

I shall pray for you that you can get rest for Mass. God Bless.

Oh if I may ask a question, why did you ask about the Little Flower? I cannot remember if I posted anything about her lately.

why would you think so? it is never a sin to miss Mass because of illness.

No, those who are sick are released from attending Mass. Say a prayer for your health though, cause I will! :thumbsup: :gopray:

kbwall things are right or wrong ultimately because they are unreasonable and not simply because some authority (whether Church or State) “said so.” In technical language, Divine Law is, most of the time, Natural Law.

I would be pretty concerned about a new “religion” I had joined if it taught there was never any excuse for missing a weekly ceremony :eek:.

My rule of thumb is, if I would be too sick to go to work, I’m too sick to attend Mass.

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