Missing Mass for really bad allergies?

I know you can be excused from Mass due to illness, but what about really bad allergies? I’m not sure where I got this idea (I didn’t make it up) but I was told that if I’m coughing, sneezing, sniffling, etc. in Mass, not only will I be distracted, but all those around me will be distracted. So, although I am physically able to attend Mass, albeit with these really bad allergies, is this a valid reason to miss a Sunday?

I believe that the only the individual can make this call. You know when you are feeling well enough to be out and about. Several months ago, I had a nasty cough, but other than that I felt fine so I took a cough drop and went to Mass. If you have a cold, you can always not shake people’s hands at the Sign of Peace. I’d say unless you really don’t feel well, or you think there would be a great chance of spreading your cold, then go. It’s only an hour. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you were told something by a confessor or spiritual director, I really cannot counter that advice on here over an issue like that.

Would you go to work? to school? to a sporting event or concert? Would you go to a bar with your buddies? Would you go on a date? would you enjoy marital relations?

Yes? Go to mass. People have heard sneezing, coughing, snoring, crying, etc. before.

No? Stay home then, in bed, and don’t do any of the above either.

Or, stay home during the morning and find a later mass you can attend when nature isn’t playing havoc with your sinuses.

I generally agree with this, but there is no reason that staying home from Mass necessitates being in bed.

Also, if you are like my husband, you would go to work with a cold. He works in an office. So if he is sick he simply closes his door. Enter at your own risk. And if he is coughing so much as to bother those around him, same thing. He closes his door.

Where he wouldn’t go to an event like Mass. What good is it, if no one around him can hear?

Okay, now that I have written this, I don’t really agree with what you wrote.

Yes, stay home if you are going to be such a bother to everyone else that a reasonable person would be annoyed with you. Or if you are taking medication that makes you tired.

If you are planning on sitting behind me, I prefer you stay at home. Even though you may not be contagious, I won’t know that and will not be able to appreciate the mass from fear of contracting an illness.

If you can,t make it too church because your sick,don,t worry, for a priest told me if your truly sick,it,s not a sin, when you can,t make it too church,only if you not sick and are doinging other thing,s,than it is a Mortal Sin. You can watch Mass on T.V.,God know,s you want too attend Mass,he will never stop loving you.Just keep the Lord,s day always,as it,s one of the Commendments.of God,but when your sick,the Lord foregives you. Amen

I’m sorry you feel this way, that you would exclude people like me from Mass permanently. I have a non-contagious condition that manifests itself in a severe, chronic cough and I have lived with this cough for more than 10 years. If the cough gets loud enough to be seriously distracting, I leave for a few minutes until it is under control. I think it is reasonable to stay away from Mass if you are actually contagious. I don’t think it is reasonable to be expected to stay away because of somebody’s perception that you might be contagious.

In my opinion, no. Wherever there are people, there will be distractions of some type. We all sneeze, cough, etc. People are people. I’m one of those who are claustrophobic, easily annoyed by loud noise, and consider it a burden just to sit or stand in one place for 10 minutes, much less an hour to hour and a half. Might as well try to make the best of it.

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