Missing mass for that time of the month


Ok I do not know where to post this but it is a question that has been brought up at my young adult group many a times. Some of the women there have said thier pains are really bad and they can not get out of the house. Do you think it is a sin to miss mass cause of that. Must tell you when that happens they do tell me they do not go anywhere or do anything fun cause it gets that bad.



As someone who sometimes has really difficult periods myself, I’d say if they feel bad enough that they wouldn’t go to school or work, then, no, they are not expected to attend Mass and there is no sin whatsoever. And trust me–the pain can be much worse than the average stomach virus or flu…:(…and when it happens, I’d really rather be a girl without the extreme pain attending Mass…


If the pain is so intense that they cannot do anything (school, work - whatever) then I suppose that counts as being too sick? I wonder if taking a pain reliever would help?

At any rate, I don’t think we can judge someone else’s sickness or pain level. Poor things, it does sound miserable.


Maybe this is just me, but I seriously dope up on Advil for that time of month and I still get really intense cramping…with lots of pain killer. So I’d say that the girls should try to take some pain reliever to see if it’ll help so they can go to Mass, but there may very well be some of them that are doing that, and it doesn’t make enough of a dent in the pain (they’re still nauseous, dizzy, cramping badly, etc.).


If the pain is such that they would also miss work or school then these young ladies are going to have a rough life. Maybe there is something medically wrong. I wouldnt pass or hire someone who missed three or four days every month due to an illness. Wasn’t Jesus in pain in His sacrifice? Mostly missing mass is for communicable illness or extreeme pain and immobility. If this is the case then I would say that there is something more than “cramps” going on there.


I have missed Mass on a few occasions due to that time of the month. For some reason, just before getting pregnant my periods got really bad. I would have awful cramps, headaches, and a few other problems that would keep me from leaving the house. I think, as the other posters have said, if they’d miss other obligations and wouldn’t hang out with friends or go to the mall, missing Mass would be OK.


That sounds just awful. I have a friend who suffered really badly also… she had so many female problems her entire life that at 40, her doctor reccomended a hysterectomy. :frowning:

Again, we have no idea what others go through as far as sickness & pain. Hopefully the really painful days for these girls are not always on Sunday.


You been to mass you have seen people there on oxegen, in wheelchairs, the elderly trying as hard as they can to kneel, people hung over, people with cancer or loss of limbs, handicapped. I have seen labor in the communion line. I understand that each woman is different in regards to thier experience iun this area but if it is keeping you from functioning on a somewhat normal level, I would really think that there is a problem and something that wonderful medicine and science could help with. Is this something so serious that we need to start asking it in job interviews or how about a campaign question for Mrs. Clinton. I hope Condi Rice is ok this month. Really, talk about sexist. I would think if the pain is so intense that you would need mass more than usual. It might beat sitting at home moaning.


“Maybe there is something medically wrong…”

This attitude I think is due to over use of the pill in our society. Menstruation can be painful sometimes, that is normal. It has been “fixed” for so many girls and women just by putting them on the pill that it is atrocious; that periods have become a major inconvenience and something to be avoided rather than a normal bodily function. I wish we could bring back some of the traditional sensitivity society held for women during “that time of the month”.

Most of the young women I know have had painful periods that have caused them to miss work, school, or Mass. I have one friend whose uterine cramps were measured to be stronger than those of a women in active labor–and she has no detectable medical problem… Women don’t have them in extreme pain necessarily all the time, but on occassion. There is nothing wrong with those people, it’s just the way the female body works. I have gone to Mass with such painful cramps and nausea that I almost passed out, and I know that for women who miss Mass due to their period, nothing more is going on than their body having a particularly difficult time of month, and they should be able to stay home.

As for not hiriing people b/c they sometimes might have to take a sick day due to their period—shame on you!! Having a period is frequently a lot worse than having a cold or the flu…


Could you sit through mass if someone kicked you between your legs in the parking lot on the way in? Seriously, I imagine that feeling you would get - doubled over in intense pain is similar to what some women go through every month. If you were kicked really HARD there - could you function on a “normal level?” No? Gosh, what’s wrong with you? Don’t you know there are people in wheelchairs at mass? :rolleyes:


You and I agree on some issues here. 1. how society uses the pill to answer everything, even something that is normal. This doesn’t mean that if you are in so much pain that you can’t function and this is a recurring issue that some sort of medical intervention may be required, pain during menstruation can also be a precurser to much more serious problems. There also can be perscribe pain killers and other drugs.
We also agree that society should go back To more traditional views on the subject. Like pioneer women, or St. Joan of ark. These women were feminine and tough. Accepting and usually willing to offer it up. I like the idea of women out in the fields on their periods.:smiley:

The hiring issue is not one of an occasional missed day but of a chronic problem. It points out the hippocrisy of the whole issue here. You say “shame on me for this attitude” but then you go on to point out how we should go back to traditional views on the matter. Would you rather women were barred from the presidency because of the sexist perception of that time of the month? If you run a business and someone is out 3 or four days every month, then it is not fair to others, or you business. That is life.


I 100% agree with you on this. This is exactly what happened to me when I was a young girl, I had cramps so terribly that I would leave work or school. I would get cramps so intensly for hours. I would get cold sweats and weakness and I would try to take pain killers and I would just violently throw them up! The only thing that the doctors could do was put me on the pill…like you said…“shame on them” I am so mad that they did that…I fear I will have problems having children due to being on the pill for so long and starting it so young. After I converted to Catholicism and realized what the pill was doing, I quit taking it and ran to confession. However, my cramps came back with a vengence and I have been suffering with them every month since. I have nothing “medically” wrong with me, I have had everything checked out, and when I talked to my doctor all she could do was tell me to get back on the pill. I miss work if they hit during the weekdays, but luckily they usually come at night or on the weekends. Diet can help some with the pain, but over the counter meds do absolutely NOTHING, for me anyway, if I can even keep them down. I offer up the pain every month…being a woman and having the pains and joys of bearing children is a wonderful, beautiful God given gift and it is not an easy thing to deal with all the time…!


Your profile says you’re a daddy, so obviously you aren’t a woman and have no idea what menstrual pain even feels like. Whatever your wife or public figures experiences is not indicative of other women and their pain level.


more information than we need to hear.
you are the best judge of your own symptoms, whatever they may be, and if you think you are too sick for Mass, you are. No need for the detailed medical update.


You’re missing the point that this happens to some women some of the time. Most women who experience this amount of pain don’t have it happen every month, IF there isn’t a medical problem.



Potato - since your profile says you’re a DADDY, I truly doubt you have any expertise in this area. :rolleyes:

That aside,
I had a good friend who couldn’t attend college classes the first day of her period every month. She was doubled over in pain, she’d pass out if she stood up too quickly, and she vomited a lot. There was nothing medically wrong with her other than her body responded to the hormones stronger than most. Poor thing.

She also bled so much that leaving the house for a short time was impossible.

Since she’s gotten married and been pregnant, things have leveled out for her. Thank God.


The answer to you question is YES!!! and If someone kicked me there every month I would think there was something wrong with the situation. Surely you are not suggesting that it is normal to have that level of pain as a hard kick to the groin? I have taken unflattering shots to the groin on several occasions and have functioned on a normal level. Most athelets or martial artists do. All I am saying is if EVERY MONTH this is a chronic problem then something is not right. I have gon to mass in pain, far more pain then menstrual cramps no matter how bad they may be. And I found that Gods grace helped me.


What an arrogant statement. You, as a man, can’t possibly know what menstrual cramps feel like. Even I, as a woman, cannot know what another woman’s cramps feel like.

It’s wonderful that God’s grace get’s you through pain in order to attend mass…now maybe you can use some of His grace to acquire some compassion?



Using this logic then eveyone who has normal periods also should not have opinions on this subject. Or a woman doctor should not address issues of pain in a man"s organ. Your view only hurts your equality stance.


Yup, of course I am a man, I guess that negates my opinion of this subject probably would negate Pope benedicts opinion as well. And I am sexist? Just because I take a position contrary to yours does not mean that my ignorance as a man is relevant, I know pain and I know women, discount me if you will just as I discount you but don’t for one minute think that I have no right to speak out on the subject. Maybe you should only speak of woman things.

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