Missing Mass on Sunday?


I wanted to know if during a storm with wind and not being very safe to drive, would it be ok to miss mass on sunday? I live in California and there is a storm right now and I was thinking of going to mass at night, and hopefully the storm goes away, but if it doesn’t is it ok to miss mass? Even the lights are wanting to go out right now. And the church is not so close to home, in the rain it will take maybe 15 minutes.


You don’t have to risk your life to go to Mass. But the severe storm warning is only in effect until 1:30.

15 minutes may seem far to you, but realize some people drive hours to go to Mass. 15 minutes is nothing.


A) use your own judgment on whether or not you are able to drive to church. This is prudential judgment. The Church does not and never has taught we must go to Mass when there is a good reason that we not attend or when it is not possible to attend.

B) this is a question best asked to your own pastor, please don’t be scrupulous-- you need not parse out how many miles it is, what speed the wind is, etc. if in your judgment it is dangerous, don’t go.


This is a very solid answer. In reality, only you, the original poster, are able to make a prudential judgment as to what is in and outside of your ability.

There are people for whom a 15 minute drive means nothing but there are others for whom it is beyond their ability, above all at night. If you determine it is not safe for you to drive, you should not go.


We are running into a similar situation here. Yesterday was snowy and our parish doesn’t plow the parking area, so we decided to go tonight at another parish. Now all of a sudden the forecast for tonight is snow . The parish is located about 15 minutes from here, but our vehicle isn’t one that’s good driving in snow and ice. As we are seniors, driving in bad weather usually is out. So we may have to make that decision too. We are regular churchgoers, and I believe that God understands if we are unable to go because of bad weather.


I’m in California too, central coast region, and I have an hour drive to mass. I went today, but I seriously considered staying home. The storm has mostly moved on now, so hopefully you can make it to an evening mass. Several factors led to me going, so don’t judge your situation based on mine (my ride there had to be in town anyway, I’m in the choir, I take more risks than I should sometimes, etc.) Stay safe. I hope that you didn’t have flooding, slides, etc.


My Pastor announces every year that he does not want people taking risks to get to Mass, esp. seniors. My church is about 5 minutes from my house, but there have been times the snow was so deep and roads were so bad I would not venture outside my door. The time to get to Mass does not matter–if it’s unsafe, it’s unsafe.


This. Last weekend we had the east coast blizzard and got close to 30" of snow. Our bishop and our pastor both sent out emails that said to stay home if the roads were not safe. In fact, the city wherein our church is located had a travel ban in place.

At Mass last evening our priest joked that there were only two people aside from himself at Mass last weekend.


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