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I’m going to Prague on Wednesday and flying back on Sunday - I doubt if I will be able to make it to mass that day. I might be able to get to a Sunday evening mass that one of our neighbouring parishes have, but it will be tight even if the plane is on time. Is it still a mortal sin to miss mass in these circumstances?

If you can’t go, you can’t go. If there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it, that’s a valid reason. If you feel bad about it afterwards, you can always go to confession just to be safe, but I think you’ll be ok.

I’m only in RCIA (a recent convert to Catholicism).
A mortal sin is composed of:

  1. Grave matter
  2. Full knowledge
  3. Full consent of the will

You are travelling and it is not your intent to miss Mass.
So it is not a mortal sin. But before skipping mass you should examine your plans. Can you go to Mass on Saturday night (vigil Mass)?

In part, I envy you. If you are going to Prague in the Check Republic, certainly you must see about going to at least one of the beautiful Roman Catholic Churches there sometime. Maybe a morning Mass during the week. Please do me a favor: if you are able to go to Mass in Prague sometime on your trip, please send me a private message to tell me about it.

Even if it is a city named Prague somewhere else in the world (there are other cities), I cannot imagine it being named Prague without having a good Catholic Church.

**Suggestions: **See if you can go to a Mass the Saturday night before your return flight. Even if it is a Roman Catholic Mass in a language you don’t understand (Spanish, Latin, German), it still counts – and I suppose it can be a beautiful experience.

Plan ahead. Here in America we can use a web site like masstimes.org/dotNet/
Even in other countries you can find out a lot just by using a search engine.

Doing a simple google search “prague roman catholic” I came up with some information (which may or may not be correct).

English-speaking masses:

Roman Catholic Church, Church of Our Lady Victorious (the Prague Bambino), Prague 1, Karmelitská 9, Sun. at noon
(For updated mass schedule please call 257 533 646)

Roman Catholic Church, St. Thomas` Church, Prague 1 - Malá Strana, Josefská 8, Sun. 11 a.m., Saturday 6 p.m.


Roman Catholic Church, St. Ignatius’ Church, Prague 2, Karlovo nám., Sunday 11 a.m.

Church of Our Lady’s Assumption, Prague 4 - Modrany, K Dolum 31/5, Saturday - 8 a.m., Last Sunday of the month - 6 p.m.

Church of Our Lady’s Birth, Prague 5 - Malá Chuchle, V Lázních, 3rd Saturday of the month at 6 p.m.

Church of St. Jacob Senior, Minor Basilica, Prague 1 - Malá Stupartská 6, every other Sunday except for summer holidays.

St. Wenceslas’ Church in Nusle, Prague 4, Vladimírova, 1st Saturday o the month at 5.30 p.m.

Church of Our Lady’s Assumption and Charles the Great on Karlov, Prague 2 - New Town, Ke Karlovu - 1st Sunday of the month 9.30 a.m.

I found the above information at the following (it may or may not be accurate).


Unfortunately I did not read your message before I left. When in Prague my friends and I asked about mass times but nobody we asked seemed to know what we meant. The most information we got was about opening hours for tourists - not mass times. I do feel we missed out on a real treat. I feel so stupid that I did not think of searching online!

On a positive note, Prague is a beautiful city and we all had a brilliant time. The architecture was phenomenal and the Churches were spectacular. We also had some great nights out. I just wish we could have experienced a Czech mass as well!

I heard os something called a Traveler’s Dispensation. If you are traveling in an unfamiliar or dangerous area, you are not required to attend services.

Earlier this year, I had a business trip to England. I had to be at the airport around 4 PM Saturday, and I had an overnight flight that got to an area in the country side around 11 AM Sunday - no car. So I missed Mass. I felt bad about it, but I really tried to find out if I had any options on either end - early Mass near the airport, something in England close, etc. - no dice.

I felt this was not a sin, but in my next confession I confessed it anyway because I felt a little bad about it. The Priest said don’t worry about it, that kind of circumstance is not a sin at all.

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