missing mass ???

HI, If i rely on family who is not catholic for transportation for mass and they do not belive that missing mass is a mortal sin what do i do if they fail to take me to mass. Help.

I would call up the parish where I attend mass or plan to go for RCIA and see if they know of anyone that can provide transportation for me instead of relying on a family member that questions the teachings of my faith.

Well hopefully this person(s) will love you enough to act on what you believe and need instead of strictly on themselves…That said…I agree with the above poster. Contact the parish and see if there is someone in your neighborhood who can give you a lift.


If you attempt to make it to Mass, but are prevented because of things you have no control over, it’s not a sin.

For it to be a mortal sin, it must be committed deliberately and with full knowledge.

Obviously, you are not deliberately missing Mass.


When I was young convert without a car…sometimes I would have my family drive me…or go with friends…etc etc

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