Missing Mass

My mom and I always go to Mass on Saturday evening. However, this evening my mom doesn’t want to go because she has to do a lot of stuff around the house. There is no other way for me to get to Mass. So, therefore, is it a sin on my part in any way whatsoever for missing Mass this week?

Thanks, and God bless!

If there is truly no way for you to get to a Mass either Sat night or Sunday morning, afternoon, or evening, then it is not a sin. The Church doesn’t require us to to the impossible. However, is it really impossible for you to go to Mass? In my diocese the Mass is offered from Sat night at 4:00pm until Sunday evening at 9:00pm with many, many Mass times available to me.

How old are you?

Do you have any buses nearby? Can someone else in your parish drive you?

If you can’t get to Mass through no fault of your own you are not in sin.
However, if what you say about your mum is correct then she would be committing sin as doing things around the house is not a justifiable reason to miss Mass.
Although you said the two of you attend Mass Saturday evenings you haven’t said if you miss Mass on a Saturday evening why you don’t go on the Sunday.

Sixteen- and no, I haven’t even gotten my permit yet! Haha!

But thanks for the responses! A bus really isnt an option and I dont really know anyone else in my parish on a personal level. However, we can still go tomorrow morning, either 7:30, 9:00, or 11:30.

So, I guess I answered my own question, thanks!

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