Missing Mass


In this forum I have read that it is ok to miss Sunday Mass if there is no church nearby and it is practically impossible to get to Mass. I can understand when circumstances may be thus; however, the question was raised about missing Mass during a camping vacation because there would not be a church nearby. I would think it would be a sin to knowingly plan a vacation at a place where you know you won’t be able to attend Mass. Being on vacation on a camping trip seems a lot different to me than being snowed in at a friend’s house unexpectedly over a weekend with no Catholic church reasonably nearby. Can you please comment?


If a person were deliberately arranging his life so that he was always outside the vicinity of Mass on Sundays, there would indeed be a problem. But the Church does not require people to arrange occasional vacations so that they are never outside of an area where Mass is offered. If that were the case, one would hardly ever be able to camp or to travel in remote areas.

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