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It’s hard for me to wrap my mind around the idea that missing mass is a mortal sin. Since being confirmed this past Easter I’ve been really good about always attending mass. This past Saturday I celebrated my 30th birthday with friends and family and we went out and it was a long night. A few of my friends spent the night at my house and I was really tired so I decided to skip mass on Sunday. We don’t see our friends very often because of distance so I felt like it was better for me to spend the morning with them since they’re not church going people. I was unable to attend an evening mass because of conflict of schedule. I’m sure if I really tried I could of gone to an early morning mass, but again I was up really late on Saturday. By the way very rare for me to be out all night.

It’s just hard for me to accept that I have committed a grievous sin. When I think of mortal sins I think of big lies, murder and adultery…things like that.


Missing Mass is a mortal sin since the Church commands us to hear Mass on Sundays and holy days. To miss Mass is to disobey the Church which has the authority to bind & loose. Mass is very important because it is the only adoration truly worthy of God because it is the reoffering of the Sacrifice of the Cross through the priest who is acting in persona Christi. Going to Mass is our participation in the Sacrifice of the Cross and it gives us the graces of this Sacrifice. Not to mention Holy Communion which is necessary for our salvation since it nourishes our souls.


Murder and adultery were addressed in the 10 Commandments…and so was keeping the Sabbath Holy. God gave us only 10 Commandments and three of them were directly about HIM:
1)I am the LORD your God. You shall worship the Lord your God and Him only shall you serve.
2)You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain.
3)Remember to keep holy the Sabbath day.

So it’s not so much whether WE think it’s important, it’s whether GOD thinks it’s important. And based on the fact that the first three commandments are about our relationship to God, I’d say He does.

You should confess to a priest and get back into a state of Grace.


I need to be more aware of when each holy day is and try not to just depend on the priest to remind me during mass. I’ve been good about going to mass on Sundays and weekday whenever I can make it but I’ll have to admit that I sometimes do forget about a holy day of obligation.


El Caballo, I understand exactly where you are coming from. In today’s world, it sort of seems that skipping one Sunday is not that big a deal, and that it shouldn’t rank up there with the serious mortal sins.

But as others have already commented, it is serious. I love AKDee’s point, that keeping the Sabbath holy is way up there as number 3 on the list of Commandments.

The Church tries to make it easy to celebrate Mass, by scheduling multiple services each weekend, to fit them easily into YOUR schedule.

Before you go to confession, reconsider the importance of keeping the Sabbath holy. It is not just a minor little thing to blow off if it is not convenient. Our Lord Jesus could not simply “blow off” the torment he underwent for the sake of our souls! Give this some serious reflection. Then, when you are truly repentant, go to confession.


It is possible to arrange our celebrations and entertainment to not cause us to miss Mass.

Our Lord Jesus Christ needs to be the center of our lives and Holy Mass a top priority on our list.


I felt like it was better for me to spend the morning with them since they’re not church going people.

Perhaps it would have been “better” for your non church going friends to see an example of a faithful church goer than a convert who skips mass.

It’s just hard for me to accept that I have committed a grievous sin. When I think of mortal sins I think of big lies, murder and adultery…things like that.

Yes, the devil is quite good at convincing us that the things we do cannot possibly be sins, even though God has told us they are.


Go to confession. You can stew about this. You can cry out unfair unfair unfair to your heart’s content.

But, you can’t get around the fact that Christ’s Sacrifice on Cross and the Gift of Himself given to you, took second place in your life. And like Peter, James and John you slept.


I’m in no position to judge anyone for missing mass, because I’ve had some difficulties with the mortal sin issue on occasions myself, so I understand your position The discipline of the obligation can be hard for some of us, especially when not deliberately intending to miss mass, as you obviously didn’t.
I have now come to realise that as a member of the church I have to follow the precepts of the church and accept why I am obliged to attend which most of the time isn’t a problem, and when ever it is, I talk to God about it.

A little more detail about why its a rule. aboutcatholics.com/beliefs/why-must-we-celebrate-mass-sunday/


Where did you get the idea that the OP did not intend to miss mass?


OP made a conscious decision to miss mass on Sunday. Might want to re-read post #1.


It’s not an embarrassing sin to confess :blush:…just go and get back in the state of grace & receive graces from the sacrament of Reconciliation. :thumbsup:


This is one I struggle with too. I find it difficult to confess when I struggle with the mortal sin aspect. To be forgiven, don’t I need to fully embrace the teaching?


Since you’re a “cradle Catholic”…you never agreed it was a mortal sin to deliberately miss mass on Sunday?


I would say that despite Catholic schools from 6-11th grade, and returning to Mass in my early 30’s (in my 50’s now), I’ve been poorly catechized over the years. There’s much detail I’m not going into to keep it brief, but I’m now trying to learn and fill in the blanks of the faith.


Go to confession. It still is a Mortal sin…despite what you want to believe. It’s hard to admit we’ve done something wrong…even if it seems so insignificant.

My husband and I try to plan our outings around Mass. If we’re going out on a Saturday we’ll go out later…after the vigil or we will plan on making the evening Sunday Mass…or we’ll split Mass…one goes to the vigil and the other goes to Sunday evening…basically so one is home to meet the babysitter before we head out.

It isn’t too hard to schedule around either a Saturday vigil or a later Sunday Mass.


That’s pretty much how I do it, as well. If I want to go out Saturday, then I attend Sunday Mass. If I want to go out Sunday, I attend Saturday vigil Mass. If I can’t attend either one, there’s always Sunday evening Mass. And other nearby Parishes have different Mass times- truly there is a plethora of options available for people to meet their Mass obligation and still have time to get other things done on the weekends.


Go to confession asap. :thumbsup:


So good to hear! God bless you.


Tell your priest during confession that this is a problem for you. But, it might help you to understand the importance of Mass if you study the lives of people who were willingly to die in order to receive Christ.

Read about the danger that Priests put themselves in during times, present and past, when they are tortured and killed to bring Christ’s Body and Blood to their flocks.

We are so tuned to going to meetings, parties, family doings that we forget that Mass is not just about preaching, singing and reading. Mass is the entering into the sacrifice of Christ.

I am a musician and my mind will be on this or that piece of music that I need to play during Mass. My mind wanders. Everyone’s mind wanders. We really do not know what we are doing. We are at the foot of the cross and we may be thinking about the next football game. So we find ourselves not knowing, not recognizing, not appreciating this wonderful gift.

When I say the words, “Lord I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof but only say the words and my soul shall be healed.” I see that centurion 2,000 years ago who saw Jesus face to face as he said these words that we use. No, we are not worthy, and yet here He is. He is here in His Body and Blood and we only need to be present with our own shallowness and weakness to receive Him.

Pray on this. Think about what Christ gave in order for you to have the privilege to be with Him in this special way. .

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