Missing my boyfriend:(


Hey, anyone in a long distance relationship? My boyfriend lives 1000+ miles away from me and he’s coming up very soon for prom (after many months of not seeing each other) but I still miss him even though I know it won’t be long. Also, I’m dreading when he leaves again. Any suggestions?


**I haven’t been in your situation, but I pray that you have a great time at prom and then hopefully it won’t be too long before you can see eachother again. It sounds incredibly difficult to be in a long distance relationship. He must be a pretty special guy!

For the record, I am married to a military man so do know a thing or two about long separations. It is NOT easy, but with God all things are bearable.

Malia **


Living over 800 miles from my wife and 3 children is difficult as well. I can (in a way) understand what you are going through. What is getting me through is prayer, a stronger prayer life, adoration, knowing that others are praying and spending time on CAF!

I would also suggest maybe volunteering somewhere. That would take up some of your time and give you a chance to help others out.

Just my :twocents:


Sancta -just curious -how’d you guys meet? :slight_smile:
My hubby used to be in Navy so trust me I can relate.


Our families are old friends so we’ve known each other awhile:)


My wife and I dated through separate colleges - 6 hour drive apart. Call and write a lot (email and text a lot now a days).

Pray a lot and make the short time together special for the two of you. My wife (then girlfriend) would just cry when I left to go back to school but she would wait until I was on the road so I didn’t feel so bad.

They said it wouldn’t last - but all the other girls at school just paled in comparison to her truth and selfless personality - I just couldn’t wait to see her as often as I could. As soon as I could save and spare some gas money - I’d go visit.

We celebrate 25 wonderful years together in July, 2 beautiful boys and some really great memories of those college days. Good luck and God Bless. Be happy. You are young and good things are worth waiting for.


This is where trust in the Lord comes in greatly.
My wife and I are halfway across the globe apart. She’s also expecting so it’s really tough not to be there.
My advice is to try and keep busy, pray and trust in the Lord with your life.


1300+ miles from my Fiance. Yeah, it sucks. . .
Seems to run in the family though, older sister is finishing up her Ph.D. in St. Louis, and her husband is in London.
Oh well, 1 more year (I hope) before we will be closer together.

Yours in Christ,



My DH and I were 3,000 miles apart for over two years. Skype got us through it, and I have every confidence that we would not have lasted for so long separated that far without it.

Hang in there - count the times you are together as true blessings.

Wishing you a wonderful prom and a perfect visit with each other!!



I’m in a long distance relationship most of the time as well. Right now we’re both home for the summer :), but during the school year we are 250 miles apart.

It is a bit tricky sometimes, but I know that our relationship is worth it-- I have no doubts. What annoys me is when people say that long distance relationships never work. They are wrong. Actually, the only thing of worth I learned in a communications class this past term is that studies show people in long distance relationships are NOT less satisfied than those who live close together. In fact, some report more satisfaction because both people are usually very motivated for the relationship to succeed.

When my boyfriend and I are apart, we IM each other constantly. We both have a lot of computer work to do anyways, so we talk quite a lot. It is almost like being together and doing homework. Hope your prom is wonderful!


strong prayer life, volunteering, and staying active in wholesome activities.

My DH is military so we endure many deployments and seperations but now that we’ve got kids, it does help the days to go by faster because I’ve got them to focus on. (and keep me busy)

Good luck and enjoy the prom!!! :smiley:


Thank you guys:) I usually am busy doing stuff, whether it’s volunteering or through school or w/e, but it’s when I’m alone, thinking about him and what he’s doing that it gets to me. It’s better now, because we always talk more at the end of the year and in the summer, and we’re both excited for prom.

I hate it too when people say long distance never works. Last summer, when I told people my bf went back home, they were like “That was over quick!” and I was like, “No! We’re still together, it’s just another obstacle!” Honestly, we knew it was long distance going in, and it’s probably the difference in faith that worries us more than the long distance. But even that’s pretty resolvable in certain cases. He’s definitely more open to my faith than he was when I first met him, he tries to understand and he defends me when others attack me for it and comes to me with questions so I’m hopeful. I just wish I didn’t miss him so much when he’s gone.


Long distance is difficult, but it’s not doomed to failure. Thinking it is is what makes it so.

This depends also on the people. Some will be able to deal with it, some not.

I wish you and your boyfriend the best of luck and all God’s care, partly for personal reasons as well (my last ex was a darling girl and I still remember her crying as I was leaving… geographical and religious distance made her end the relationship). You will have a lot to look back on if it works out. Such things are a strengthening experience and they bring people close together.


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