Missing my new home:(:(


OK, so I’ve lived in DC for the past four months and am now home for a month for Christmas. I was excited to go home for an extended period, even though I love DC, because I wanted to see my family, the friends I haven’t seen for six months, my old school, etc.

Now, I’ll admit, I miss DC. I miss the hustle and bustle of the city. I miss being able to go out on weekend nights (my family’s asleep right now and I don’t own a car or anything). I miss the friends I made down there, some of whom are graduating or are going abroad. I miss the Catholic community I found down there. I feel cooped up in the house because my parents both work and they’re the only ones who have cars and I can’t really walk anywhere, too dangerous (people drive like maniacs and we have no sidewalks or public transportation because it’s a small town) I miss the mix of different cultures, the activism, the general craziness.

I know I’ll be back in a month but I was wondering, anyone in the same boat? A friend of mine told me that this was normal (and he’s a senior, he should know) but I’m still not used to this.


Yeah, it’s a little surreal – you spend 4 months living one life, and suddenly you’re whisked out of that life and dropped into another, and expected to continue like nothing happened. It can take a while to adjust and adjusting can be stressful.


Enjoy the quiet. Read books for fun, pray, make cookies.

Maybe you could cook dinner for your mom and dad, ask them to bring out the old family videos/movies/albmus.


I feel like this every time I go to my parent’s house. Anymore, I almost can’t stand being there and now my parent’s seriously don’t even care if I’m home or not! Nothing is the same as it used to be when I was still living there. They changed my room a week after I left for college, and now almost 4 years later I feel like a stranger there. I hate going home. I’m only going home for Christmas because my boyfriend wants me to so we can still spend time together over break.(and so I won’t be alone completely)

Anyway, it is hard but you have to make the best of it. Like other have said try to enjoy the quiet. I know when I’m home I spend a lot of time reading. Enjoy not having anything to do and relax. Its only a month. Your family is glad you are home I’m sure and will enjoy catching up with you. I hope you have a great Christmas:)


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