Missing wife+ churchas i know it


yes i sound like a well i wont go there. i am waiting for my wife thru the wonderful wprld of immigration. i am from fla. she from the philippines.i have been back 1 month and mass is not the same for me not to mention life as i once knew it. the church here is much differant than there. i have encountered a few obstacles byt nothing i cant handle. we did everything together in the church and outside of it to. im not usually a whinner but well i guess this is suppose to be family so this is it. i converted from being a methodist …ugh 5 months ago, had a crash course of rcia for 2 weeks 5 days a week 12 hours a day and here i am. one thing i noticed here is on moma mary day @wed,there is not much veneration except about 10 min at mass,there its 1 hour and a half. i miss that.oh well u make your own i guess. i was raised old school like alot of others im sure,jesuit upbringing ,public school and the like…antyway im glad to be here…wm:)


Welcome to the forums and welcome home!:wave:


Welcome home!

I am sorry, it is terrible to be away from those we love. I pray that God helps you through this and your marriage comes away stronger. Nothing like having something taken away to show us how wonderful it really is.


Welcome William!!!

I was raised in a small German Catholic Parish in the very rural farm country in Colorado. Our priest for many years (from when I was born till I was in High School) didn’t “believe” in Vatican II. Therefore, we didn’t make any changes. After many years of our parish ignoring Vatican II we had a new priest come in and he slowly tried to change things (with much resistance). When I went off to college, I found it difficult to adjust to “post Vatican II” parishes. My DH is a convert (from before I met him) and he asks me all the time why I do things one way when our Bishop says (suggests;) ) we are suppose to do it another. I blame it on being raised in a suborn German Catholic family :smiley:
I moved from my home parish 18 years ago, I still enjoy Mass there than anywhere else. It is like a good home cooked meal :smiley:
Although, I still cherish Mass wherever I am :thumbsup:


Welcome. Sounds like you make a beautiful couple. Godspeed in getting her back with you.


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