"Mission" and Spirituality


There are things in this article that I cannot agree with, but it does make very interesting reading and has some important things to say I thought. It is a pdf document of three pages.


[LEFT]In the Gospel of Matthew, in the third temptation, the Devil shows Jesus “all the nations of the world in their greatness and splendour,” (4:8) and offers them to
Jesus if he will “kneel and worship me”. Jesus says No. That is a No to culture. Let me briefly explain. This temptation is often explained in terms of the wealth and
power of imperial proportions available to Jesus if he worships the devil. But no rabbi has ever been an imperialist and as a temptation, this interpretation is anachronistic for imperial sovereignty would not have been tempting at all to Jesus. Although of
course it has been to too many of his successors. Jesus is not saying No to worldly
glory and splendour, because that is not a temptation; anyone in their right mind could say No to that. It is a No to culture. In the spiritual meaning,…"…[/LEFT]

It has been put out by Mission and Spirituality News, Broken Bay Institute, Australia.
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The Broken Bay Institute recognises that spirituality, theology and life are deeply connected and that adults learn over the continuum of their life’s journey. Therefore BBI responds to the faith education and ministry formation needs of individuals, parishes, schools and ministry groups within the local Church.
The Broken Bay Institute is committed to living out the spirit of Vatican II as embraced in the vision of the Diocese of Broken Bay (NSW). Our Diocese is committed to quality Catholic adult faith formation and education, within and beyond its boundaries…"


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