Mission and vision of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest

Does anyone know anything about this group or had any experiences with them. Are they in full communion with the Church? How do they compare to FSSP? Any other information or anything else a person should know about them.

Thanks in advance and God Bless.\


They are absolutely in full union with the pope and have a similar story to the FSSP, started shortly after the 1988 SSPX incident, created with the Pope’s blessing, etc

Their seminary upbringing is very similar to FSSP and so they produce the same great product, a wonderful confessor that you can’t find anywhere else and makes you think you’ve been transported back in time 100 years (thats how I always feel after confession with FSSP and ICK). We belong to an FSSP parish in Nebraska but the air force has us out here in California for a year and so we drive a good ways to the nearest ICK parish. We feel right at home there. I think the only difference in their seminaries is that at FSSP they do Aquinas and Alphonsus Liguori, while at ICK they do Aquinas and De Sales as primary focuses. Also, ICK is significantly smaller as I understand it.

Bottom line, you’ll get masses, confessions, and homilies so darn Catholic that you’ll be scratching your head wondering why the rest of the church isn’t this way, just as you would at an FSSP parish.

Anyway, sorry for the rant, I’m just very grateful to have found these guys and can’t say enough good about them.

EDIT: Oh, and the ICK have sisters too, FSSP doesn’t.

Edit: I’ve also heard that an FSSP priest once said the ICK were a bit more intellectually/academically elite compared to the FSSP which is apparently more pastoral. Though I haven’t noticed a huge difference in either of them.

They are fully canonical.

They have a bit more… flair than the FSSP does. They are very Renaissance-y. I hear that they love the Baroque, but then so do I. Their Chicago church is being remodeled extensively to fit this style. They have a special choir dress, very easily identified. The priests and oblates (men who help the priests and who are members of the ICKSP, more properly the ICRSS, and can also be deacons/subdeacons) wear black choir dress which has blue piping with white rochet. The Superiors wear the same thing but in all blue, and I think their piping is white. Everyone wears this medal on a blue and white ribbon, but I’m not sure what medal it is.

I would say that, overall, the difference between the FSSP and the ICRSS is that the ICRSS tends to be pickier. I would mostly liken the FSSP to a sort of mission EF group. They are not afraid to go into dioceses that will only give them small and/or ugly churches. Now, they do dress them up, but they still look modest. That is not to say, however, that the FSSP does not have some extremely beautiful churches in their own right. They do. However, IMO, all of the ICRSS churches after renovation are absolute jewels. The ICRSS’s attitude seems to be “all or nothing.”

The ICKSP has, as part of their mission, the restoration and renovation of Church buildings. That might explain some of the differences noted above…

I personally have never been to an FSSP Parish, but The ICKSP has blown me away with their attention to detail, the beauty of their service, and the reverence in regards to everything involving the faith. I have attended mass a few times at St. Francis De Sales Oratory in St. Louis MO, and I’ve found the community there to be a ‘Traditionalist’ Catholic’s dream!


Even Raymond Cardinal Burke loves the Institute and Oratory-He brought ICKSP to St. Louis a while ago, and recently celebrated Benediction here!




I do not know the Group.
But I am a fanatic of the Feast of Christ the King !!!

Indeed you’ll even find their missions in Africa, that their chapels or make-shift Altars are so beautifully ornate and baroque-ey. There’s nothing wrong with that, it can make the poorest of the poor feel richer than the rich! The ICRSS are a great society, most certainly devoted to the Church and her souls! Along with the FSSP they’re extremely fast-growing, and of course they’re of Pontifical Rite!

Beautiful pictures! And how about that Cardinal Burke? No surprise to see his involvement there.

Indeed. His Eminence is a patron of sorts, it seems, of the ICRSS.

Or rather a patron of tradition on a whole! I’ve yet to see him wear tye-dye vestments or anything quite near vomit green. Only the finest, most reverent vestments. Never has he spoken a word against the teachings of the Church, he’s defended them to the last!

I’m a big fan of Cardinal Burke. Here’s to hoping that God raises up many more like him!:thumbsup:

An American Pope on the horizon, God willing.

Based on what I know of him, you would get no argument out of me.

What cities and or states are they located in?
Wonderful pictures, thanks for sharing!

Also, where is Cardinal Burke, what state?
God bless,


The ICK and FSSP have lists/maps of their locations on their websites. Doo it! :slight_smile:

You can see on their websites.

Cardinal Burke is currently the Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura, a Vatican court.

Praying that they will start a mission in Asia… Please pray with me :gopray2:

As YoungTradCath said, Cardinal Burke is at the Vatican. He was previously the Archbishop of St. Louis, Missouri, and brought the ICKSP to St. Louis at Oratory of St. Francis De Sales.

A far as where the Institute’s parishes are located, they can be found at, institute-christ-king.org/.

Really fabulous group of people, the ICKSP! :smiley:

The institute has absolutely wonderful. Over the past few years I have met and gotten to know several of their priests here in Saint Louis and at other apostolates around the country and can honestly say I have never met a better group of priests or people for that matter. I am sure that is to the credit of Msgr. Wach, their founder. Here are some pictures from their apostolate in Saint Louis, Saint Francis de Sales Oratory. You can also find many more here.




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